What Phones have Wireless Charging capability?

Wireless charging is no longer the technology in the future, it has been widely applied for juicing up phones. Wireless charging is easier and neater, all you need to do is placing your phone under the charging pad. Does it sound simple? Before going further, some fundamental definitions that are worth checking out.   WhatContinue reading “What Phones have Wireless Charging capability?”

How to Add Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones

Wireless charging, also known as inductive charging, refers to charge your mobiles phones wirelessly, or without wires. Some of mobile phones on current market are made with built-in wireless charging technology, such as Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy S7, Sony Xperia Z4V, while others don’t (here to see if your device is Qi wireless chargingContinue reading “How to Add Wireless Charging for Mobile Phones”

Best Wireless Charging Power Bank & Wireless Charger for Smartphone

You may already know about the normal Power Bank and charger, but have you ever used the Wireless Charging Power Bank or Wireless Charger? Maybe it can be a cool choice for your Samsung Galaxy S7/S6. But I’m not sure if it is the best Power Bank for Samsung Smartphones and best wireless chargers forContinue reading “Best Wireless Charging Power Bank & Wireless Charger for Smartphone”

Is Your Device Qi Wireless Charging Compatible? Check the List!

Just as its name implies, Qi wireless charging refers to charging your devices wirelessly with Qi technology instead of using any cables. Most of wireless charging products are based on Qi technology nowadays, but not all phones and devices are made with Qi built-in. if you want to know if your device is Qi compatible,Continue reading “Is Your Device Qi Wireless Charging Compatible? Check the List!”

Amazing Way to Wirelessly Charge Your iPad

One of the most excited techniques today in mobile devices is the wireless charging. We always wonder when we can get a wireless charging cellphones, tablet, or even laptop to make life easier. Although Apple didn’t add wireless charging in their device yet, we still can find awesome way to add wireless charging. After tellContinue reading “Amazing Way to Wirelessly Charge Your iPad”

Add Wireless Charging to Your iPhone

As one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer, Apple insists its way of charging while Samsung, the other super smartphone company, adopts wireless charging to its Galaxy S6 and S7. For people who hate cables, and who don’t have a Qi compatible device, like me, I really want to add wireless charging to my iPhone 6sContinue reading “Add Wireless Charging to Your iPhone”