Are the new AirPods 2 waterproof ?

The pretty AirPod Comes with iPhone 7

Apple just announced the new AirPods 2 yesterday and they might disappoint some folks for only several upgrades there, and most hoped-for ones are not included.  There’s no noise-cancellation, no health tracking feature added, the Samsung new released Galaxy buds don’t have these features either, but at least they come with black and yellow color options, while the AirPods 2 come only in white. Not to mention the price tag of $199 is much higher than $129 of Galaxy buds.


Good news is that AirPods 2 add wireless charging compatibility, and have improved the listening time to 5 hours with 24 hours held by the new charging case. The wireless charging speed is still unknown yet, considering the battery is pretty small the charging time is supposed to be not very long. Besides that, the H1 chip also helps facilitate the voice control on AirPods 2, which means you can activate Siri by voice and ask her to complete your task, so you can be totally hands-free.

The pretty AirPod Comes with iPhone 7

What about other features? Are the new AirPods 2 sweat-resistant or even waterproof ? No, unfortunately they are not waterproof. Actually AirPods are not very suitable to wear when you work out in the fitness or run outside, the slick design is not a sport type. So it’s quite reasonable for not having sweat-resistant or waterproof spec on them, and the health tracking either. However, AirPods 2 are sort of underwhelming in the design and upgrades, but they are still one of the best truly wireless headphones with the exceptional battery life and quick connecting and paring capability. 

There’s another way to turn your AirPods into waterproof, simply by adding a waterproof case cover on the AirPods charging case, which is a waterproof case of case. The 3rd party accessory maker Catalyst produces a waterproof case with IP67 rating and shock-resistance, it’s made of premium silicone and includes detachable carabiner, the current price on Amazon is $24.99.



Recommendation of wireless charger for AirPods 2:

Anker PowerWave Qi 10W Wireless Charging Pad Current Price: $13.99


  • The Need for Speed: A high-efficiency chipset provides 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy, while iPhones get a boosted 5W charge that’s 10% faster than other wireless chargers. So you can charge both your AirPods 2 and your wireless compatible phone.
  • Non-Slip, Yes Slim: A slimline profile provides an aesthetically pleasing complement to your desk, while the TPU surface prevents slipping and sliding.
  • Case Friendly: Don’t fumble with your phone case. PowerWave transmits charging power directly through protective cases. Metal attachments or cards may interfere with charging. 



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