Will Galaxy Fold 2 have clamshell design?

When Motorola Razr came back with its flip phone on 13 November, thousands of people were reminded of the time when Motorola released its first foldable smartphone famously called the RAZR years ago which then followed a string of successors. It is the first attempt for Motorola in foldable phone, and also a revive or innovationContinue reading “Will Galaxy Fold 2 have clamshell design?”

Will the Foldable Phone Be An Industrial Trend?

With two smart phone giants of Huawei and Samsung recently releasing two foldable smartphone types, there seems to blow the wind that we may enter a next generation of foldable smartphones. But will this come true? Beforehand, let’s have a close check at those two smartphones. (picture source: Engadget) Samsung Galaxy Fold Samsung Galaxy FoldContinue reading “Will the Foldable Phone Be An Industrial Trend?”

Does Samsung Galaxy Fold feature wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to sell on the global market now. This anticipated more-than-concept truly foldable phone finally arrives with the astonishing $1980 price, is it really worth buying? It’s not only a pricey 4.6 inch smartphone, actually it’s able to transform to a 7.3 inch tablet when you unfold it, with the SnapdragonContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Fold feature wireless charging”