Does Samsung Galaxy Fold feature wireless charging


Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to sell on the global market now. This anticipated more-than-concept truly foldable phone finally arrives with the astonishing $1980 price, is it really worth buying? It’s not only a pricey 4.6 inch smartphone, actually it’s able to transform to a 7.3 inch tablet when you unfold it, with the Snapdragon 855 chip, 12GB RAM /512GB Storage, Triple optimal cameras, Samsung was trying really hard to make you feel like your money was well spent. I don’t think most people would spend so much money to buy a smartphone, but if you are a fan of tech and you root for this exciting stuff, you can have a try on the first Gen. of Galaxy Fold.


With respect to the shortcomings, the battery life is a big concern, the capacity of 4380 mAh is relatively high to be compared with other smartphones (4100 mAh for Galaxy S10+), but when it comes to a giant 7.3 inch display it’s totally another story. Even though Samsung claims that Galaxy Fold sports an all-day battery, according to the tech media’s review, it can barely hold for an entire day, approximately after 6-7 hours daily use you need to take a recharge,  so the fast wired or wireless charging capability becomes an important must-have feature. Unfortunately Galaxy Fold doesn’t feature any advanced wired fast charging, it still keeps the old Quick Charge 2.0 15W charging standard, while there’s something new worth mentioning — it supports wireless charging and the speed can be lift up to 15W with compatible charger. 


Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Fold also adds reverse wireless charging as Galaxy S10 series did, it’s able to charge Qi-enabled devices with 9W charging speed, it just works as a power bank. The new released Galaxy buds are included in the box with wireless charging case, hence the reverse wireless charging is quite practical and convenient on the go. 

The new released breaking news is that the foldable screen of Samsung Galaxy Fold really breaks! The famous YouTube influencer MKBHD first had this issue by peeling off the pre-installed plastic film on the screen, but then many media reviewers found more breaking risks and problems about Galaxy Fold screen. Even though Samsung announced that all the models would be strictly tested and reviewed by the folding machines, apparently not so many people would buy this story. 

It’s a long way to get both innovative and stable on technology, I believe that Samsung is definitely able to make a good folding phone and all the problems will be fixed on the later versions, so we just need to wait, there must be more updates and highlights regarding foldable phones in the near future.



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