Does Samsung Galaxy A80 support wireless charging


Samsung launched a fantastic mobile phone with a rotating triple camera, Samsung Galaxy A80. As a midrange phone of Samsung, Galaxy A80 really surprise us. The triple-camera array consisting of a main 48-megapixel f/2.0 camera, an ultrawide 8-megapixel f2.2 camera and a third ToF sensor, can function as both a selfie camera and a rear-mounted camera. It allows Galaxy A80 to be the first phone coming with “New Infinity” display. With no doubt, Samsung propagandizes Galaxy A80 as a phone “Built for the Era of Live”, which emphasizes the superiority of its camera system. As a phone for era of live, it’s important to have a powerful battery and fast way of charging. How’s its performance?


Does Samsung Galaxy A80 support wireless charging?

Samsung Galaxy A80 has a 3,700mAh battery which is closer to the S10 series. It’s enough for your whole day use. And it comes with 25W Super Fast Charging, but not wireless charging. Not like nowadays high-end flagship phones, A80 can’t be charged wirelessly. Probably, the pop-up mechanism takes a lot of place inside the phone, and there is no enough place for all updated features. So they made some compromise and decided to abandon the wireless charging feature. Or they made this decision to comply with the strategy of pricing. In conclusion, it’s impossible to put Galaxy A80 on top of a wireless charging pad and grab it later with power refilled.

How fast Samsung Galaxy A80 can be wired charging?

On the charging speed, Samsung Galaxy A80 has made a great improvement comparing to Galaxy S10 series. Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup only features wired charging compatible with QC2.0 and AFC, which means the charging speed stays the same as Galaxy S9. But on the official item page of the new-released Galaxy A80, Samsung states that A80 has 25W Super Fast Charging. Although 25W charging speed doesn’t on an equal footing with Huawei’s latest 40W fast charging, it will immensely shorten the charging duration of Samsung phones.

The methodology to calculate the charging time is intuitive, charging time = battery Power (battery capacity mAh * voltage 4.2V for smartphones /1000 ) / input Power / charging Efficiency (70% industry standard). Hence it takes approximately 0.9 hour to fully charge Samsung Galaxy A80. And you should charge it with a compatible charger, such as the original 25W power adapter.

The Galaxy A80 will launch on May 29th and the pricing for it is yet to be announced.

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