Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc

Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc

As for a few days camping or outdoor activity, a 15 watt solar panel is the most suitable choice for its moderate power and portable size. Here we picked up top 3 15 watt solar panel from different brands including Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc. Let’s see the detailed information below.


Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc: anker power port solar lite 1 Anker is always working on providing faster and safer charging with its advanced technology including fast charging. Exclusive to Anker, PowerIQ discovers and replicates your device’s original charging protocol to provide its fastest possible charging speed up to 2.1 amps overall (with enough direct sunlight). With this 15watt solar panel, you can enjoy anther perk when you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, that is free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start repowering your gadgets. Compact dimensions and industrial-strength ensure it’s able to withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.


Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc: ravpower 15w solar charger

The design of RavPower dual-port solar charger is wonderful. You have a 24 ounce fabric folio covered with polyester canvas on the exterior that folds out revealing three separate panels. Located at four locations around the folio are metal-line eyeholes; these are used with carabiners (four are included) to attach the array to your backpack or a tent, or hang it from tree branches. There are two USB ports available, one with a 2A output, the other with a 1A output. Both, of course, send out that current at the USB standard 5 volts. RAVPower uses what they call “iSmart Technology” to match the maximum charging current with the device so that it is charged in the least amount of time.


Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc: easyacc 15w solar panel

EasyAcc aims to make everyone’s life easier. And so the tenet is applied in this 15 watt solar panel. At 21.5~23.5% efficiency, the industry-leading SunPower solar panels can shorten the charging time by 50%, as compared to the traditional 13.5%~15.5% efficiency. Both ports of this solar charger adopt Smart Charge technology that intelligently recognizes your device type, and outputs the right current (up to 2.1A) the device requires. (Can not charge two iPads at the same time). Beside, the opened size (510×160mm / 20.1×6.3 in) is big enough to absorb sunlight to power up two devices, while the closed size (282×160mm / 11.1×6.3 in) enables great portability. Plus the lightweight (370g / 13.1oz) design, minimum bulk will be added to an outdoor backpack.

Above are the top 3 15 watt solar panel. Please comment below to tell me your thoughts if you have any better recommendations.


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