6 Best Gadgets on your Backpacking Checklist

Hiking in summer

Since the high summer is coming, an interesting hiking, camping trip may be already on your agenda. However, the first step would be packing. On your backpacking checklist, besides the regular items we have to collect like clothes, shoes, sunglasses, here are some advice to get the extra space in your backpack filled in practically.

1.EasyAcc  Solar Charger with Sun Power Solar Panel

Have you ever got annoyed and frustrated by the running out power source, I believe that happens a lot when you are on an adventurous outdoor trip.  EasyAcc offers you a great solution with solar charger, industry leading efficiency, broad compatibility and pure off-grid charging makes it presumably one of the top travel accessories on backpacking checklist. I strongly recommend the backpackers to have one covering the backpack surface, multiple devices can be easily got charged while you are walking.  Now you have chance to get this product for Free Giveaway.

EasyAcc solar charger

2.Earl Tablet

Differ from the normal tablets, Earl is specifically designed for outdoor trips. Style meets efficiency with Earl’s intuitive design, built using Android 4.4 operating system, the low energy consuming, glove friendly touchscreen and GPS system show you precise location, it features built-in weather sensors and radio communication technology. Water/dust/shock/mud proof, laminated solar panel, with Earl on your backpacking checklist, the trip is totally under your control.

earl solar powered tablet

3.Gelert Wind Up Headlight

Gelert 3 LED wind up headlight can provide 20 minutes of light from 1 minute of winding with a hand crank, no worries about battery issue, it has adjustable 90 degree angle light and 3 functions: 1 LED/ 3 LED/ 3 LED Flash. Don’t forget to add it to your backpacking checklist.

Wind up headlight

4. Swiss Army knife

Swiss knife is famous for the high quality and multi-functions, the exquisite kit fits right into your pocket with multiple useful tools and it weighs only 112 grams. It definitely deserves to be the top on your backpacking checklist.

Swiss Army knife

5.LifeStraw Go 2-stage filtration

How to find safe drinking water outdoors? LifeStraw had found the answer. LifeStraw Go 2-stage filtration incorporates a carbon capsule in addition to the existing technology into a refillable water bottle so you can get clean drinking water on the go. No wonders that the hikers rate the water filtration as an essential item on their backpacking checklist.

Lifestraw go filtration

6.Vertex Ultralight Stove

Vertex Ultralight Stove redefine simplicity and performance for hikers, you may have a moment of panic and think you have forgotten packing the stove when you have Vertex Ultralight Stove aside, while the truth is that the light weight and thickness makes it more or less invisible, you will forget that you are carrying it. The stove burns alcohol & solid fuel. Click site you may find more options.

vertex ultralight stove


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    1. I figured that water can be provided by Lifestraw filtration, however, hat is a must, thanks for your advice,Linda.


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