A Guide for Eco-friendly Products to save our planet


Eco-friendly products

Global warming, pollution, energy depletion are probably the most challenging problems of today as they have led to many different environmental issues such as increased global temperatures, mass extinctions caused by habitat loss, and many other global dilemmas. What should we do to solve them? A green lifestyle is recommended by many environmentalists. 

Eco-friendly products are basically the key to lead to a bright future, we can not live in a planet full of environmental hazards and tragedies, we should change our minds to accept the concept and take advantage of Eco-friendly products for daily utility.

1.Edible Cutlery

Tired of seeing mountains of plastic cutlery polluting India’s landfills, Peesapaty, a researcher and agriculture consultant from Hyderabad, India, developed an edible spoon made of millet, rice and wheat flours, then edible forks and chopsticks came up accordingly. His goal is to expand Eco-friendly products into cups, plates, and replace many more traditional disposable tableware.



KeepCups mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups.  They do this by delivering Eco-friendly products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how we think about convenience culture. 

Every minute over one million disposable cups are discarded to landfill, most of them are from the coffee shops, juice bars, however, KeepCups are perfectly designed for pure drinking pleasure on the go in an environmentally friendly way.

CobaltNiche Industrial Design_Kids with their KeepCup


“When life hands you panda poop, make paper,” says a recent story on the Washington Post. We all know pandas eat bamboo, apparently, the high fiber diet of pandas makes their poop great for paper. Actually the source of PooPooPaper come from not only panda poop, but also elephant, cow, horse, donkey, moose poop. Does it sound interesting and unique? Exactly, PooPooPaper is manufacturing totally recycled, sustainable and Eco-friendly products which are perfect for stationary and gifts.



4.EasyAcc Solar Power Bank

Going green should not be just a slogan, we ought to take actions from the resources. Green energy generally comes from wind, sun and water flow, however, the solar power technology has been applied in many fields so far. The complex solar product such as solar panel roof  is quite pricey and installing limited occasionally,  we can start from gadgets such as solar power bank which can quickly get electronic devices recharged with pure green power.



5.Eco-made iphone Amplifier

The amplifier is made from 100% FSC certified post-consumer recycled fibers. It is a great product to have because it allows you to be spontaneous with your music and sound, without sacrificing the environment. Whether it is pulling over to the side of the road for a picnic or relaxing on the beach with friends, the Eco-made amp enhances your iPhone experience.


If you would like to share your list of Eco-friendly products, please comment below, let’s help to save our planet together.



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