What is Solar Charge Controller?

solar panel

What is solar charge controller?

Solar charge controller is an important component used in solar photovoltaic system, such as solar power system and solar street lamp. It coordinates solar photovoltaic system, which makes by solar cell panel, battery bank, and load, to ensure the whole system operate efficiently and safely.

solar charge controller in the system

How does solar charge controller help in the system?

The solar charge controller works between solar panel and battery bank. It mainly helps manage charging battery bank to prevent it from overcharging and control the rate and voltage at which it charges. At night, because of the voltage of the battery is higher than the solar array, without the charge controller, the current will flow from high to low, which is out of the battery bank. The solar charge controller will control the flow of the current to let it flow into the batteries.

How solar charge controller help

How many categories of solar charge controller in the market?

There are three main types of charge controller, Shunt, PWM, and MPPT

Shun charge controllers is the first generation, which just turn the flow to the batteries on and off. Because of the internal resistance in batteries, it is pretty hard to fully charge batteries. Therefore, this is rarely used nowadays.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) charge controller is cheaper control to MPPT charge controller. It is the most popular one today. By using a PWM charge controller, the voltage of the solar panel must be the same as the voltage of the battery bank. The energy conversion efficiency is 75%~80%, which make it pretty worth for the price.

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller is the best solar charge controller, which has 98% energy conversion efficiency. It is more expensive, but it can adjust itself to the output of the solar array in order to maximize it. So, the performance is 30% higher than other controllers.

solar panel

How to choose a solar charge controller?

There is a need for solar charge controller in home for people who used solar photovoltaic system. But what aspects can we consider when buying a solar charge controller?

Primary need:

    a. 12V/24V/48V automatic system voltage recognition will be more convenient to different system

    b. 30A output will be enough to meet the basic requirement I daily life

    c. a LED display in solar charge controller can be used to control power parameter

solar panel


    a. Get the feature of over-load protection, multi-period output, loss compensation, and MCT charging model design.

    b. Better heat dispersion and waterproof function.

Quality: a well-known brand will protect the quality more.

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