Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review

In the last passage, we explained what solar panel is, different types of solar panel and terms to know before you buy a solar charger in detail. Differ from solar panel, solar power bank is heavier, harder and unfoldable. However, the basic operating principles remain the same. So this time we tested, review and recordContinue reading “Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review”

What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy

Types of solar charger, elements should be considered when buying a solar charger and good recommendations are stated in this passage to help you buy a suitable solar panel. Types of solar panel Let’s start form the material used to make a solar panel cell. Most of photovoltaics are based on some variation of silicon,Continue reading “What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy”

Solar Phone Charger: 5 Key Things to Know Before You Buy

Have you ever experienced that your phone battery died when you away from home? This is annoying and frustrating.Due to technological advances in society, our smartphone is becoming lighter, smaller and more intelligent. So that smartphones are getting easier to use. Growth in the use of mobile phones is primarily driven by social media, surfingContinue reading “Solar Phone Charger: 5 Key Things to Know Before You Buy”