Best Solar Charger for iPhone X and iPhone 8

It’s time to get a new smartphone. After Apple published the preorder time of iPhone X, are you going to buy an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X? Many tech geeks didn’t get into action after iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus released, cause you know the iPhone X is the essence ofContinue reading “Best Solar Charger for iPhone X and iPhone 8”

Best Solar Charger For Laptop In UK

How to choose the best solar charger for Laptop in UK?   Solar power is a clean and renewable energy, which could be transferred by solar charger to enable people use it to power a phone or small device when in an emergency or off the grid. The weather in UK is not very sunny thatContinue reading “Best Solar Charger For Laptop In UK”

Solar Charger Review

For those of us that have tried solar chargers in the past, it usually has ended up in disappointment. You try to charge your device, but it doesn’t work, or the battery dies faster than it charges. That isn’t the case with this product. I charged my Galaxy S7 or HTC 10 in about 3Continue reading “Solar Charger Review”

Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc

As for a few days camping or outdoor activity, a 15 watt solar panel is the most suitable choice for its moderate power and portable size. Here we picked up top 3 15 watt solar panel from different brands including Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc. Let’s see the detailed information below. Anker  Anker is always workingContinue reading “Top 3 15 Watt Solar Panel: Anker, RavPower and EasyAcc”

Giveaway: EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Charger with 32 LED Light

Solar charger becomes an essential part in camping list as the weather turns warmer and people go out more often. Here EasyAcc is giving away an 8000mAh solar charger for you! When you are indoors with a hungry smart phone, this power bank is able to automatically detect devices connected; then both ports can outputContinue reading “Giveaway: EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Charger with 32 LED Light”

Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping

Assuming you are going to camp to places without enough power supply, a portable solar panel is a necessity when you make a “what’s in my bag” list. In passages before we introduced types of solar panel, essential terms of them, compared several solar panels from different brands and stated how to maintain them. Here inContinue reading “Best Portable Solar Panels for Camping”

Solar Battery Maintenance

Once you ordered one solar battery charger/ solar panel charger for your outing, camping, hiking or other outdoor activities, did you ever consider how to maintain your valuable solar panel of the charger? Or will you have this kind of question in mind? How to maintain solar battery charger or solar panel charger? How do solarContinue reading “Solar Battery Maintenance”

Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review

In the last passage, we explained what solar panel is, different types of solar panel and terms to know before you buy a solar charger in detail. Differ from solar panel, solar power bank is heavier, harder and unfoldable. However, the basic operating principles remain the same. So this time we tested, review and recordContinue reading “Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review”

Best Solar Charger Review on RAVPower vs Anker vs EasyAcc

Introduction Have you still remembered the movie clips from The Martian that the hero Mark Watney has used solar panels to keep his vehicle charged? If so, keep reading… How a Solar Charger Works? On the most basic level, a portable USB solar charger could convert light energy into electricity and charge an internal LithiumContinue reading “Best Solar Charger Review on RAVPower vs Anker vs EasyAcc”

What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy

Types of solar charger, elements should be considered when buying a solar charger and good recommendations are stated in this passage to help you buy a suitable solar panel. Types of solar panel Let’s start form the material used to make a solar panel cell. Most of photovoltaics are based on some variation of silicon,Continue reading “What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy”