Signs that 2016 is the powerful battery smartphone year

Signs that 2016 is the powerful battery smartphone year

Signs that 2016 is the powerful battery smartphone year

Smartphones are becoming more powerful we all know that – running the most advanced processors and graphics, powering the most high definition displays, and loading apps simultaneously. However, battery life remains an issue when continually using mobile devices, as many still have low battery life even when all of their other features are pretty advanced. According to Pocket Lint, the future of batteries is coming soon, where they will be able to charge in seconds, and last for months.

In this post, we want to highlight some of the signs and reasons why we believe that the best developments yet in smartphone batteries will arrive this year. Read on to find out:

Enhanced battery for many premium smartphones
Many smartphone producers have finally answered the call from mobile for a better battery life. Presently, mobile devices are now claiming ‘better battery’ capacities compared to their predecessors. One of which is the Galaxy S7 Edge, which O2 states comes with a more efficient battery at 3000mAh and advanced power tech. The information details the handset will only take 150 minutes to fully charge through a wired charger and 130 minutes through a wireless charging platform. It now also comes with faster charging time that only takes 95 minutes to charge 86% of its battery. Since the Galaxy S6, Samsung has already been seen to be improving their battery power significantly. The handset was reported to have the capability to run a full-length movie (that averages one and half to two hours) by only charging the handset for 10 minutes.

Other smartphones have also improved their batteries by providing as much as 4000 to 5000mAh, but Apple handsets are still struggling with their batteries and it is losing them customers, but there are effective ways on how to extend iPhone battery life.

Self-charging tech arises
Although it’s still a long way off before it hits the market, MIT University confirmed that a group of researchers are already working on the self-charging battery technology that promises ‘an unlimited battery life’. Currently, many mobile users are utilizing smartphone cases and other external battery charging tools that supply handsets with additional charge. If this idea comes to fruition, owners will finally get to power their handsets by creating mechanical energy through movements, such as walking, running, and jogging.

10000mAh smartphone batteries already launched
Owning a smartphone nowadays with a 4000mAh battery is already considered powerful, but a 10000mAh would seem virtually impossible. However, in late 2015, the Oukitel K10000 smartphone arrived on the market. We don’t expect other smartphones to switch to the 10000mAh battery anytime soon, but it’s a good start. Nokia CEO Rajiv said that issues with battery life, should be resolved by mobile manufacturers relatively soon. “In the present, because one of the very significant problems of smartphone is the battery, you need to solve the battery problem, let it be over 10 years of life.” This implies that the Finnish company will either initiate this project or other mobile companies are working on creating a longer lasting smartphone battery in the future, though the 10000mAh is a great start.

Technologies are continuously evolving and enhancing in mobile tech. It won’t be long before the days of plugging in a handset will be a thing of the past, ushering in smartphones with battery life that last for three weeks are available to the consumer. If the plans go as expected, then the first fuel-cell-powered smartphone that lasts for seven days may finally arrive in the next two years. We just have to wait patiently for now.


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