Best Android Smartphone Collection

Choosing a new Android phone is not easy since the Android world is teeming with options——expensive or cheap, music-centered or photography-centered, big sized or small sized. In order to facilitate your process of making choice, I will list the best Android smartphone in several categories.


Best Overall Phone——Pixel and Pixel XL
When talking about Android smartphones of excellent overall performance, Pixel and Pixel XL will first appear in our minds.
In October 2016, Google replaced the Nexus brand with the 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL. This series of products is a surprise to Android smartphone pursuers, for practical uses and newly-designed functions.
First, Google assistant is applied, which helps you in many aspects such as route designing; and the more you use it, the more useful it becomes. Besides, it is easy for the two to capture perfect shot despite low light and movement; photos and videos can be stored without limitation. In addition, they support high-quality Google VR, letting you explore new worlds. As to buttery, although the two are of different capacities, both of them have a buttery of long life.
Taken all above into consideration, Pixel and Pixel XL are both recommended for excellent overall performance.


Best Budget Phone——OnePlus 3
OnePlus has really hit the market with the OnePlus 3. It costs only 399 dollars, which is far cheaper than other smartphones.
Although the price is comparatively low, its quality is not low at all——from top-end specs to a great screen, solid camera, fast software and long battery life——all the qualities it possesses will surely provide you with fancy experience.


Best Phablet——LG V20
LG V20 has a large footprint and runs a Snapdragon820 processor and 4GB RAM, plus 64GB storage standard, which makes it much more like a phablet. Many customers who are in favor of big size have great comments on this product.
The size is not the only highlight of course. Its removable battery, expandable storage and approachable software all win applauses for it.


Best Featured Phone——Samsung Galaxy S7
The Galaxy S7 amazed people with its well design. It uses a metal-and-glass material which is waterproof. In the front of it is an industry-leading 5.1-inch QHD SuperAMOLED display which is quite eye-catching. The 12MP camera in the back enables you to capture fantastic shots.
The type of smartphone is also compact, powerful and easy to use; it’s one of the most complete packages among all the Android smartphones.


Best Phone for Photographing——Motorala Z Play
With a 16MP camera and two auto-focus technologies built in, Moto Z Play gives you crystal-clear images. Plus a front facing 5MP camera with a wide-angle lens, you can easily take fantastic group selfies.
Moto Z Play has other highlights too, such as long life battery, Turbo Power and finger reader, but photographing is best cherished.


Well, above are all the five recommended Android smartphones of different brands and types, which one do you like best?


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