How to shot the most delicious food photo by smartphone

It is necessary for smartphone to have a great camera. Smartphone become the second camera in daily life and people use them to record life and share with others. IPhone is one of the best smartphone for taking photos, especially when the new iPhone 7 Plus coming with double camera on the back. But with such great condition, how to take photos for food to make it delicious and make friends love it?

Choose great and colorful food

It looks unnecessary to say that take photos for beautiful food, but, to be honest, lots of people is not aware of it. If you take experienced photographer into concern, they rarely get photo in normal or worse scenery. So, it is important to choose the right material for picture.

Choose great and colorful food for photo taking   

The colorful the food is, the easier for you to get a great photos. Foods such as sushi, sashimi, cake, or salad are colorful food for photo taking. Also, if you take photo for a buffet, you can combine foods with different color for your dish.

Nature light

No light no image. Not only light source, but also light quality influences color of your photo. You may notice that sunlight will give everything, includes food, the richest and the most saturated color. This is because sunlight has the highest color rendering, about 100.

use nature light to take photo for food by smartphone

Restaurants always use yellow light to build atmosphere. But the quality and color rendering of light is far less sunlight. So, if you have a meal in daytime, it will be better to find a table near the window or outside. Some buildings have glass curtain wall, which will cause color cast, so you may need to pay attention to white balance.

Leave blank

There is no need to fill out the whole picture. In fact, some blank space will stands out the focusing point. Leaving blank here does not means leave simple white space. You can use some white monotonous items such as napkin or white plate to combine with your food.

leave blank  take photo for food by smartphone

White balance setting

Making mistake in white balance setting is a normal problem happened to many people. This will make food not only loss its color, but also loss its delicious flavor. You can also check the white balance by using white plate as a reference. Of course, the most important way is using nature light.

White balance setting

Except for picture, audience may also be aware of the meaning of the picture. Using professional skills is important, but it is also important to tell story.


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