What is the Best Android Phone 2016


As a fan of android phone, you may have witnessed amounts of android phones swarming into the market. And each of them may hold something precious that makes you heartbeat. As we all know it is unwise to choose a phone only by the appreciation of its one or two merits rather than taking all the performances into consideration and make a comprehensive evaluation. Thus, from this point of view, what might be the best android phone in 2016? Here are my suggestions.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Screen size: 5.5 inch battery capacity: 3600mAh
Resolution: 1440*2560 ROM: 32GB/64GB
CPU: xiaolong 820 back camera: 12million pixels
RAM:4GB front camera: 5 million pixels
Samsung Galaxy is one of the strongest performance android phones at present. Its stunning double curved screen undoubtedly is the biggest highlight. Furthermore, with 5 million pixels of front camera and 12 million pixels of back camera, it owns the ability to take high definition pictures even under the circumstance of dim light, which also makes it the best android phone for photographing under in the dim light.

Google Pixel


Screen size: 5.5 inch battery capacity: 3450mAh
Resolution: 1440*2560 ROM: 32GB/128GB
CPU: xiaolong 821 back camera: 12 million pixels
RAM: 4GB front camera: 8 million pixels
As for most of the android phone lover, Google Pixel might be a perfect phone. Pixel has already equipped with the newest Android 7.1 Nougat system which ensures a pure android system with no annoying third party manufacturer user page. Its high-end design and excellent photographing function makes it popular among the users. Furthermore, its high definition of screen makes a bright and colorful screen and brings good visual enjoyment to users.

Moto Z


Screen size: 5.5 inch battery capacity: 2600mAh
Resolution: 1440*2560 ROM: 32GB/64GB
CPU: xiaolong 820 back camera: 13 million pixels
RAM: 4GB front camera: 5 million pixels
It is the thinnest modular mobile phone in the android market. Modular mobile phone means you can remove some modules and replace some functions by inserting your needed things. For example, you can add a 10 times zoom Hasselblad camera or a JBL audio by inserting it to the magnetic interface of Moto Z.

Oneplus 3


Screen size: 5.5 inch battery capacity: 3000mAh
Resolution: 1080*1920 ROM: 64GB
CPU: xiaolong 820 back camera: 16million pixels
RAM: 6GB front camera: 8 million pixels

What makes Oneplus 3 special is the metal construction of the body of the phone, which makes the appearance fancy and decent. Furthermore, with the resolution of 1080*1920 it also ensures the vivid and colorful pictures in the screen. Besides, the brand new fingerprint sensor also makes the operation of phone more prompt and efficient.


With the date-to-date development of smartphone, new phones are coming out day by day and the once good performance phones are being replaced additionally. Thus, we can say that it is not such reasonable to define a best android phone. However, all the above phones might be helpful for you to choose a phone of good public praise.


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