Future of Smartphone


As the development of modern technology, smartphone has become quite popular all over the world with its outstanding functions. Nowadays, almost everyone has one in hands or in pockets. People use them to surf the Internet, update their personal micro blog, and upload their latest pictures at any place and anytime they want. Undoubtedly, smartphone has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. With all kinds of applications supported, smartphone has been some kind of a master key which can open the door of people’s basic necessities of life from food, clothing to shelter and transportation. In fact, your smartphone can be your whole world if you have enough money.


However, it seems that the smartphone market has reached the top leaving no room to expand. What can we expect from the smartphone in the future? Actually, we can’t expect what will happen in the farthest day as advanced technologies today are developing so fast which beyond our imagination.
But we can have a prediction to the near future—-smartphone in 2017.


New Design
This year, smartphones’ designs are much similar to each other. The relatively obvious differences between them fall on various colors and different size. In 2017, it’s no secret that you can expect a new-designed smartphone for Samsung has been playing with the ambitious idea of foldable smartphones. It is reported that Samsung is considering introducing its two new smartphone models that will feature bendable screens. What’s more, smartphones that can roll up to wear around the wrist could be on the market by 2020, according to Lenovo. This may make smart watches completely disappear.


Augmented Reality
Augmented reality could be at the heart of developments in the smartphone market. Tango enabled apps make possible applications such as in-store navigation, visual measurement and mapping utilities, presentation and design tools, and a variety of immersive games as they can track a device’s position and orientation within a detailed 3D environment to recognize known environments. Augmented reality enable people a better experience.


Hydrogen Cell
Energy-consuming is one of the biggest shortcomings of smartphone, to solve this problem, Hydrogen Cell allows us to use the phone for weeks without the need of charging. Users, especially gamers will benefit from it a lot. Now, Apple and some other parties like ROHM semiconductors and Aqua fairy and Kyoto University are trying to pursue this technology.
There are many other changes which are likely to expect from: the progressive removal of buttons, the development of various sensors and integration of new uses. Smartphones in the near future could even serve as universal remotes for piloting all the related devices in your house. Therefore, there are still a lot to look forward for smartphone in the future.


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