How Many mAh Power Bank to Charge iPhone7 and 7 Plus?

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released. Have you purchased yet? Documentation spotted from Chinese regulatory body TENAA reveals that the iPhone 7 has a 1,960 mAh battery, which is slightly bigger than the 1,715 mAh battery in the iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,900 mAh battery, which is bigger thanContinue reading “How Many mAh Power Bank to Charge iPhone7 and 7 Plus?”

What is the Best Power Bank ?

  A good power bank can help us more.  If your mobile phone runs out of power and you don’t have a portable charger, you are cut off. It means that you cannot make a contact with anyone during an emergency situation. So it is a necessity that you have a power bank with whichContinue reading “What is the Best Power Bank ?”

Best Power Bank for Apple iPhone 7

After months of guesses and rumors, Apple followed a set pattern for the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on 7th September 2016. As many enthusiasts predicted before, here comes the good news, iPhone 7 adds the function of water and dust resistance (IP68 standard) like several Samsung and Sony phones did, theContinue reading “Best Power Bank for Apple iPhone 7”

How to Fix a Broken Charger of iPhone 7 and 7Plus?

The use of phone makes our life become more and more convenient but we also need to consider the damage problem of accessories. In order to solve these unpredictable problems ,  I will give some recommendations about how to fix your iPhone 7 and 7Plus broken charger ? How to check if your phone charger isContinue reading “How to Fix a Broken Charger of iPhone 7 and 7Plus?”

How To Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Without Charger?

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released on 19, August. With four available colors, it impresses anyone with a premium all metal design, water resistance, double the storage and a bigger battery than any other Note. Following the feature of Samsung Note5 and Samsung S7/S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is designed with wireless charging, whichContinue reading “How To Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Without Charger?”

How To Charge Mi Power Bank?

Do you have a Mi Power Bank? Xiaomi Power Banks are famous in the market for really a long time. Oozing style with an elegant and highly portable aluminium-alloy design makes Mi Power Banks exclusively outstanding with an extraordinary value. We should know that some power banks will lose between 20 % – 30 %Continue reading “How To Charge Mi Power Bank?”

How Many Times Can A 5200mAh Rated Power Bank Charge Your Phone?

It’s common that li-ion or polymer cells with a rated voltage of 3.7V are main component of the most power banks . And how about the most smart devices? Check the manual, it’s easy to find the standard input voltage of smart devices is 5V, which means you should get a power bank with an output of 5VContinue reading “How Many Times Can A 5200mAh Rated Power Bank Charge Your Phone?”

How Many Times Can A 30000mAh Power Bank Fully Charge Your Smartphone?

Will you prefer a 30000mAh power bank to charge your smartphone? Be afraid of lacking power of smartphone, it’s very necessary to get a power bank to keep your smartphone running on constantly before it meet an outlet. Some power banks from the market are with lower capacity and portable size to solve the powerContinue reading “How Many Times Can A 30000mAh Power Bank Fully Charge Your Smartphone?”

How long to charge a power bank 20000 mAh to full Capacity?

Having a power bank with you can be extremely convenient when there’s no extra available power supply. Once your power bank is juiced up, you can use it to charge electronic devices on the go. The capacity of 20000 mAh is a commonly used rate, for a branded 20000 mAh power bank, it’s capable ofContinue reading “How long to charge a power bank 20000 mAh to full Capacity?”