EasyAcc 6000mAh Power Bank Giveaway: Ultra Slim Power Bank for iPhone

Ultra Slim Power Bank for iPhone 2

How much will an official lightning cable cost?  If there is a ultra slim Power Bank for iPhone with built-in cable, will you pay less to purchase a EasyAcc 6000mAh Power Bank

Purchase in US  Save $7, only $22.99 now

Purchase in UK  Save £13.00, only £16.99 now.

After getting an iPhone, someone will choose to purchase an official Lightning cable at the Apple Store once the original one is unavailable. In fact, there are plenty of cheaper options and many of them MFi-certified, which means they will still work next time Apple updates iOS. Today, it’s going to have a giveaway for the compact ultra slim powerbank, please keep reading and have a try if you are interested in it.

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EasyAcc giveaway Christmas Pack for free

If you purchase an EasyAcc 600omAh ultra slim Power Bank for iPhone, it includes a MFi-certified Lightning cable for charging your iPhone in the package. Actually, EasyAcc had a successful version about one year ago, which is recommended as the best portable battery by WIRECUTTER, as some tech geeks must know it, right? This time, the lightning cable is applied to a compact size, which enables you bring an EasyAcc power bank to charge your iPhone anytime and anywhere. As standard Lightning cable is useful merely for transferring data and power from another source, but on the 6000mAh power bank, the lightning cable is fixed to the end of it. So you can only use the cable as a charging method.

Fast charging

Especially, EasyAcc seems to support passthrough charging above, though it is not expressly noted in the user guide. Some power bank manufacturers advise against passthrough charging, while others actively support it. The power bank also supports auto-on and auto-off, which means you can just plug in your phone and not worry about pressing any buttons to begin charging or removing cables once it is complete to avoid power wastage.

LEDs Indicator

Another feature we like on the EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim is the five LEDs used to indicate the remaining capacity. Nearly all budget power banks use four LEDs, and some of them just two (you’ll need to pay more if you want an LCD for an exact percentage readout of what remains). With five LEDs here each represents 20 percent of the total available capacity, and given that it’s a relatively low-capacity power bank at 6000mAh it shouldn’t be too difficult to work out exactly where you stand.

Portable size

The EasyAcc is a fairly basic-looking device, a rectangular brick that’s slim but a touch wider and taller than the 4.7 inches iPhone. The design is classic that the previous version went to the top gradually. Nice touch and glorious black change it ordinary from other competitors with the same price. It has a grippy matte plastic casing, and becomes only slightly warm in use. We’re not so keen on the pull tab that sticks out on one side for unhooking the cable, and a solution that can lie flush to the power bank would be preferable. 

The giveaway of the 6000mAh power bank will begin on 26,December. Before that, please try to join EasyAcc Christmas activity soon.


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