GIVEAWAY — EasyAcc kills your fear of Power Bank Explosion


As the latest iteration product of Samsung, more than 35 reported Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion cases happened within such a short period after the launch date, and the recall is happening during their initial rollout phase. This is a serious and heartbreaking news for the Samsung users. It has been confirmed that the problem comes with the battery. The quality and protective mechanism of battery plays a key role to keep us safe. As one of the most commonly used external battery pack, the safety of power bank basically relies on the battery cell inside as well.


In 2014 electronics retailer Challenger recalled 12,000 units of portable power banks due to a problem of overheating that could lead to a fire or explosion, which caused a sharp sales fall of power banks. After watching so many horrible explosion pictures and hearing much negative news, you might be curious about what triggered power banks explosion indeed. What does the protective mechanism look like and how to prevent power banks from exploding?

The video below might have answered the questions.

Generally speaking, the forbidden operations include: leave your power bank in a car under sunlight, throw or squeeze your power bank, disassemble power bank without solid professional background. 

Why power banks ( Li-ion power banks specifically ) would explode when you did the operations above ?

Practically everyone knows overcharging, overheating, overpressure will trigger power bank explosion, and the reaction working mechanism has been well demonstrated in the video above. Apart from that, some unexpected internal changes might release abundant heat , not to mention the energy powered by throwing, squeezing and other inappropriate operations, all of them are the triggers to explosive reaction.

The explosion risk of low cost power banks is much higher. Branded power banks are generally guaranteed with good material and high quality. It’s easier to form a battery short circuit in a  low cost power bank when it drops or being squeezed,  more chances are the protective mechanism on a cheap printed circuit board would not work at all.

As a high-quality power bank brand, EasyAcc always spares no effort to improve the products and kill your fear of power bank explosion. EasyAcc power banks are equipped with efficient protective load to prevent your devices from overcharging, over-current and short-circuits.

Moreover, don’t miss the chance to win an EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank for free! 

Giveaway– EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank to kill your fear of explosion

GIVEAWAY — EasyAcc kills your fear of Power Bank Explosion》有172个想法

  1. it’s very interesting. I have a cheap power bank and I’m always just throwing it in my handbag and then often forgetting about it and possibly overcharging it. Certainly will be careful now.

  2. Awesome giveaway but I’m unlucky person never ever win any giveaway in my whole life 😦

    1. dr4ze1 is the winner. Wish you good luck for our next giveaway event, thanks for your attention.

  3. Who, please? Why dont you EVER announce the winner directly on the Gleam Widget?!


    1. We have announced it on the widget, please check it accordingly. It didn’t show up right on time due to the weekend.


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