What Are you Allowed to Take on an Airplane


The invention of airplane may be viewed by many people as the most efficient way to travel. Especially for those businessmen who need to cross aboard for international business now and then. Air travel, compare to other transportation, works in a very special way—operate in the air, so there are a list of prohibited items and monitoring the enforcement of those prohibitions to ensure the safety during an air travel journey. Therefore, make it clear what items you are allowed to take on an airplane should be a very important issue before your packing. 


Items prohibited in carry-on bags but allowed in checked bags
Generally, potentially dangerous items are not allowed to take on an airplane. So items like sharp objects including box cutters, ice picks, razor blades, knives, swords and scissors with blades longer than 4 inches, martial arts items and most sporting equipment are prohibited as a carry-on but allowed in checked bags.


Items prohibited both in carry-on and checked luggage

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There is no doubt that all explosives, flammable liquid items and disabling chemicals are forbidden to take in total. Items include blasting caps, fireworks, dynamite, replicas of explosive, any fuel, gas and so on. No firearms are allowed as well. Flares and gun powder are prohibited from both carry-on and checked luggage.

Restrictions on amount of liquids
As we can expect that the limitation space of an airplane doesn’t allow passengers carrying stuff as many as they do on the train. A lot of strict restrictions are imposed on amount of liquids. And these restrictions may bring ladies more inconvenience for the fact that most skin care product and cosmetics are liquids. Liquids allowed in your carry-on are limited quantities which must be in bottles of less than 3.4 ounces and all bottles must be inside a quart size zip-top bag. One bag is allowed per person.


Cell phone are not allowed to use
Many people are confused why they are not allowed to turn on their cellphone when boarding. The reason may be simple—to avoid interference. As we all know, an airplane contains a number of radios for a variety of tasks and all radios are transmitting and receiving information at specific frequencies. If you turn on your cell phone, the cell phone would transmit with great deal of power and this may happen to create interference that overlaps with radio frequencies the plane is using, then messages between people or computers may be garbled. In order to avoid creating faulty messages between pieces of equipment within the plane, cell phones are not allowed to use!
What else are you not allowed to take on an airplane? Why batteries or power banks might be confiscated by the airport? Check the power bank rules carefully before go abroad.

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