Does Charging Your Phone Overnight Ruin the Battery

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Normally, smart phone could be charged fully within two or three hours. Some people think charging phone overnight ruins its battery and always worry about charging overtime. For this reason, they start to charge their mobile phone before go to bed and unplug the power cable in midnight. There are some people having an opinion that it is unnecessary for worrying about over charging. So how long to charge iPhone 7? Dose charging your phone overnight ruin the battery?


Actually, current smart phone applies lithium battery. When full charging finished, charging source will be cut off automatically for avoiding charging overload. So enjoy your sleeping hour and do not afraid of your phone’s battery.

Surely, you should pay attention to that your phone charger is qualified and suitable, better for using an original one. Some fake or unsuitable chargers are better not being used during night. They may burn down and do harm to your phone. Chose a high-qualified phone charger here  or join into our Giveaway event, GIVEAWAY: Only One Wall Charger Satisfies All Your Mobile Devices.

Tips for charging phone

  • Many buyers of a new smart phone are used to charge their new phone fully after the power used up and the phone powered off at the first time. Some of them even operate three times like that. But this is totally unnecessary. Lithium battery of smart phone is activated before delivery, so there is no need to activate battery through complete charge and discharge as in the past when lithium battery does not apply in smart phone. Complete charge and discharge even will damage lithium battery. Click here to learn more about How Long To Charge iPhone 7 First Time. It’s better to buy a power bank and charge your phone whenever necessary. You can choose a power bank here.
  • Some people usually charge their phone when it alarms of low battery. They believe that charging when phone has enough power increases the times of charge and discharge and shorten the battery life. In reality, lithium battery prefers to be charged many times and little for each time. It helps lithium battery to play its role effectively.
  • In some people’s opinions, it is so dangerous to make a phone call or play phone when charging. Phone may explode while using in charging process. Actually lithium battery of smart phones nowadays has the function of self-protection. Power will be cut off when there is short circuit or over discharge. Explosion won’t take place basically, only if you use unmatched, non-original or unqualified battery. In general, if your phone is fever during the charging process, do not make phone call or play games in case accident takes place. 

In most circumstances, there is no need to worry about charging your phone overnight.

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