iPhone 7 Airpods For Sale Officially


Rumors said that Apple would not be ready for putting iPhone 7 airpods on shelves until Christmas, but the truth is they are available to buy right now. On the Apple official the Airpods are for sale at $159 and the shipping has been postponed to 6 weeks, how popular they are!


AirPods wireless headsets are available online from now on and will be delivered to customers starting next week and arriving at Apple Retail stores, Apple Authorized Resellers and Designated Operators accordingly. Apple’s official website shows that the first group of pre-ordered AirPods will be delivered to users by December 22 at the latest. Actually, Apple set AirPods for sale in more than 100 countries this time. It should be noted that AirPods has a limited number of initial releases, so it is recommended to check availability and expected delivery dates in the official channel.


Thanks to Apple’s ultra-low-power W1 chip, AirPods can deliver up to 5 hours of playback time, while the battery pack provides over 24 hours of extra battery life, so you do not need to worry about battery life problem. Additionally, the Apple AirPods wireless headphones have updated the sensor and other advanced technology to provide an unprecedented wireless audio experience in an interactive way.


Interestingly, AirPods headphones can automatically detects whether the headset is in your ear and only plays when you are ready. When you remove one of the AirPods from the ears, the music will automatically pause, and re-play when the user re-wear. Another smart function is the connection with Siri. Tap the AirPods twice you can access voice assistant Siri, to achieve control of music, adjust the volume, check the battery power and other operations, of course, the user can issue other Siri commands, such as access to routes or make a call.


Besides iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple devices running the latest version of of iOS 10, watchOS 3, or macOS Sierra will be perfectly match with Airpods. You only need to open the charging box near your Apple device, trigger a click to complete AirPods settings, iCloud can synchronize the Airpods setting with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook.


Even though Apple has listed wireless airpods for sale officially and many Apple users cannot wait to get them hands-on, the price of $159 is not that acceptable for the easy-to-loss airpods. It’s not a tough job to find cool wireless headphones, but it will be a different story to find high-quality ones with lower price


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