Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 7

Compared to traditional wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers have advantages such as no cable, easy to carry, no need to plug. You can use it more flexible. An excellent Bluetooth speaker can maintain a logical size under the premise of high-quality speakers, reasonable interior design and high-level tuning, so that the product has a better sound quality. Enjoy music with Bluetooth speaker is a good way for iPhone 7/ 7 plus users. Here is some recommendation for iPhone 7.

Marshall Stockwell

Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 7 1

The professional guitar speaker Marshall wants to be more close to the public, so there is the speaker that known as Marshall smallest speaker Stockwell. Black leather appearance and golden signs logo are filling the texture make people want to own it. For the sound quality, Marshall has always been a sense of guitar with strong bass, clear midrange and delicate treble.  Light and portable shape allow you to enjoy high-quality travel while you using iPhone 7.

Yamaha MCR-B043

Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 7 2

Yamaha is a big company set foot in many industries in the public impression, Yamaha motorcycle is quite famous in addition to Yamaha musical instruments. This time Yamaha mixes their speaker and motorcycle together, then came out the  Yamaha MCR-B043 inspired by motorcycle which gave us a great surprise. The design concept and color scheme are all based on Yamaha motorcycle inspiration. The designer hopes to bring a sense of freedom through unique appearance with rich color, you can feel the sound like strong engine roar. Divided design composed of a host and two speakers, exterior design with motor racing inspiration, there are 10 different colors, there is always suitable for your iPhone 7. The appearance is definitely attractive, sound quality is also worthy of this price.

Harman Kardon Aura Studio

Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 7 3

Full of fantastic music glass, the upper part is a 360-degree transparent speaker, 2.1 sound system allows the sound to all round diffusion so that users hear rich voice in any corner of the room. With hands-free speakerphone mode to eliminate noise allows users to call simple, convenient and high-quality. In addition, it creates a unique atmosphere there with LED in the product center. The sound of Aura Studio has clear treble, but not heavy bass. Especially for iPhone 7 users who like listening to music at home.

This three products would satisfy your demands while you using iPhone 7. Good products deserve you own them which makes you have a higher quality life.



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