What is Draining My iPhone 7 Battery

Smart phone has been the most indispensable electronic product in nowaday society. It has become a part of our body to some extent. Think about your daily life: call, skype, videos, blogging, pictures and so on. People would gradually find that the new iPhone 7 can be charged one time once a day in the normal use, but then slowly, you have to charge it for two times a day,  three times a day and more than that.  It did not take a long time to start looking around a charger for your iPhone 7, you must feel life is completely controlled by this small handheld device. You may want to ask loudly  what is draining my iPhone battery and what is the end.

If it really happened in your life, then is this our illusion? No.

What is Draining My iPhone 7 Battery 1

In fact, the lithium battery in iPhone 7 is also the lithium battery in most smart phones, they all have the issue that performance degradation of life, these are generally smart phone manufacturers will not clarify in the product promotion page. Because there is no way to avoid the loss of lithium battery approach according to today’s technology.

What is Draining My iPhone 7 Battery 2

You can regard the iPhone 7 battery as two cups. The process of charging is to pour water from the cup A (N negative) to the cup B (P positive) and the discharge is  opposite which is to return the water from the cup B back to the cup A. There would always be some water out or evaporate if you pour two cups of water to each other, such is a loss, that is to say the original water in the cup A all down to cup B. After many times of pour water to each other, there is may only left about 80% water because the process can not avoid the water loss. This loss is proportional to the times of battery.

What is Draining My iPhone 7 Battery 3

Meanwhile, cup A and cup B both could be stored 500ml of water at first, but with the scale or the technological problems of cups, now the cup B can only store about 90% of the original water. It is not related directly to the times of charge and discharge times, but to the battery manufacturing process and using time. That is to say there will be loss even if your smart phone is full of electricity on there.

Hope you can understand that battery loss is inevitable due to the design principle of lithium batteries, get rid of some incorrect use of iPhone 7 is what we can think to delay the process at present.



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