How to share music with another pair of Airpods

AirPods/AirPods Pro are great headphones that you will use everyday, but on some occasions you may want to enjoy audio with another pair of AirPods. Is it possible to do that? The answer is yes, you can connect two AirPods to the same iPhone or iPad and share the audio. Compatibility To connect two AirPodsContinue reading “How to share music with another pair of Airpods”

How to Avoid Losing Your AirPods When in Use

Most people choose AirPods due to their comfortable wearing experience. They are extremely small and have no wires attached. You will hardly feel them when you enjoy music with them. However, this is also the major downside of AirPods. You can hardly feel them disappear when they drop out of your ears, especially if youContinue reading “How to Avoid Losing Your AirPods When in Use”

How to share audio between two AirPods on your iPhone or iPad?

It’s easy to connect the AirPods to your iPhone or iPad, but how about two pairs? With Apple’s Audio Sharing feature, you are able to share the audio playing within minutes, without having to sacrifice one of your earbuds or stretch out your overear AirPods Max. Compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches The list ofContinue reading “How to share audio between two AirPods on your iPhone or iPad?”

How to find your lost AirPods

AirPods provide durable, true wireless sound for your Bluetooth devices, but it happens sometimes that you reach up and find that you have only one earbud left in your ears, and no idea where’s the other. Fortunately, there are easy ways to find your lost AirPods — just learn to use the service Apple designedContinue reading “How to find your lost AirPods”

Does iPhone 12 have headphone jack or free headphones in the box?

Leaks and rumors have shown us that iPhone 12 may have USB-C port instead of Lightning port. But unlike before, Apple this time will not bundle its EarPods headphones with the upcoming iPhone 12, according to the reliable tipster Ming-Chi Kuo.  Apple ditched the headphone jack early in 2016. That was a small step towardsContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 have headphone jack or free headphones in the box?”

How to charge AirPods for the first time?

Apple’s AirPods are widely regarded as one of the company’s best products in recent years, with all the excellent features like the great battery life, portability, easy connectivity, simple charging, and unparalleled Bluetooth range. If you just upgraded to the AirPods and are wondering what is the best way to care for it and how toContinue reading “How to charge AirPods for the first time?”

How do I know my Apple AirPods are charging? What if they won’t charge?

Apple’s Airpods are some of the best true wireless earbuds on the shelves, but they sometimes could go wrong. For example, you may find your Airpods in a low battery percentage even after being in a fully charged case. That can be ascribed to the immaturity of wireless technology, but there are some other reasonsContinue reading “How do I know my Apple AirPods are charging? What if they won’t charge?”

Are AirPods Pros waterproof?

Apple in October 2019 debuted the AirPods Pro. With active noise cancelling, a better fit and resistance to sweat, the AirPods Pro are the ultimate wireless earbuds. If you have already had AirPods, will you be willing to upgrade  the AirPods Pro? As the other wireless earbuds, the AirPods aren’t waterproof,but they are water-resistant, a first for Apple’sContinue reading “Are AirPods Pros waterproof?”

How to Charge Apple Airpods Wirelessly

Airpods for Christmas became a trending keyword in this holiday season, customers may face stock shortage as the demand is so strong. Surprisingly Apple Airpods turn to be an item of fashion, practically everyone thought Airpods were an instant meme of funny and mockery. However, Apple has not officially released the wireless charging case forContinue reading “How to Charge Apple Airpods Wirelessly”

iPhone 7 Airpods For Sale Officially

Rumors said that Apple would not be ready for putting iPhone 7 airpods on shelves until Christmas, but the truth is they are available to buy right now. On the Apple official the Airpods are for sale at $159 and the shipping has been postponed to 6 weeks, how popular they are! AirPods wireless headsetsContinue reading “iPhone 7 Airpods For Sale Officially”