Is iPhone 12 IP68 rated waterproof

Before the official debut of iPhone 12 line, the rumors said that Apple should change the game of water resistance of smartphone industry. Since iPhone 11 is already rated IP68 waterproof, how could Apple make it better on iPhone 12?  The datasheet says that iPhone 12 is rated IP68 as well,  is it the sameContinue reading “Is iPhone 12 IP68 rated waterproof”

Free Trial of Apple iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max Cases

iPhone screens seem to crack more than any other smartphone on the market, but Apple completely changed that this time. The new iPhone 12 line-up all comes with a ceramic-hardened display called Ceramic Shield, which is four times greater resistant to damage from drops.  The Ceramic Shield is the latest glass-ceramic made by Corning. ItContinue reading “Free Trial of Apple iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max Cases”

Does iPhone 12 series have Fingerprint sensor?

There has a rumour that the new iPhone could be equipped with a fingerprint sensor on the side.But according to the  iphone publish event, iphone 12 series don’t have rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.  Face ID is still the main  set-up as most of iphone  series . Touch ID was first introduced in iPhones with 2013’s iPhone 5S, and has been included onContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 series have Fingerprint sensor?”

Does iPhone 12 Mini have telephoto camera?

Apple has published the new iphone 12 lineup on October 13, 2020 finnally, even though it should be show up on September.The biggest news for me is the iphone 12 mini launching which broke the  giant models tradition .iPhone 12 mini only features  5.4 inch ,.Without doubt,the smallest member of the new iPhone 12 familyContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 Mini have telephoto camera?”

Does iPhone 12 series have micro SD card slot?

Now that with many new features added to the iPhone 12 line, such as the tough Ceramic Shield, the aerospace-grade aluminum edges, the 5G speed, and the Super Retina XDR OLED display. Some people want to know whether Apple adopts the other technologies that fans have long waited for. For example, does iPhone 12 seriesContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 series have micro SD card slot?”

Does iPhone 12 series support fast charging?

After a long wait, Apple finnaly unveiled its iPhone 12 line together with the HomePod mini at the company’s virtual event on October 13. There are four new phones in total: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone has an aluminum frame around the outside, and theContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 series support fast charging?”

How to charge Apple iPhone 12

Apple debuts iPhone 12 series with a lot updates and surprises at its launch event yesterday, including the anticipated 5G and  new Magsafe wireless charging system, and surprisingly No charger and No earpods in the box! Apple said it’s for the reason of environment, however the increased margins, shipping costs, the transition to a futureContinue reading “How to charge Apple iPhone 12”

Does iPhone 12 have headphone jack or free headphones in the box?

Leaks and rumors have shown us that iPhone 12 may have USB-C port instead of Lightning port. But unlike before, Apple this time will not bundle its EarPods headphones with the upcoming iPhone 12, according to the reliable tipster Ming-Chi Kuo.  Apple ditched the headphone jack early in 2016. That was a small step towardsContinue reading “Does iPhone 12 have headphone jack or free headphones in the box?”

Will iPhone 12 series support 5G?

  Apple just unveiled the new iPhone SE 2020, despite the company has already shut down on limited capacity due to the prevailing of COVID-19. That may indicate that the iPhone 12 series are still on schedule. According to multiple leaks, the upcoming iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Max (possibly four models by someContinue reading “Will iPhone 12 series support 5G?”

How does ToF camera work on iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max?

We are almost certain that the iPhone 12 series are going to be released this fall. And according to the source of 9to5Mac, there is code “d5x” that refers to two of three devices as having a ToF camera. Considering the iPhone 11 series goes by “d4x”, we know that only the iPhone 12 Pro andContinue reading “How does ToF camera work on iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max?”