Does iPhone 12 have headphone jack or free headphones in the box?

Leaks and rumors have shown us that iPhone 12 may have USB-C port instead of Lightning port. But unlike before, Apple this time will not bundle its EarPods headphones with the upcoming iPhone 12, according to the reliable tipster Ming-Chi Kuo. 

Apple ditched the headphone jack early in 2016. That was a small step towards the wireless as no headphone jack will push some people to consider having a pair of wireless headphones. For those who still prefer the traditional listening method, Apple also offered a Lightning-connected EarPods and enabled them to use a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter. If the prediction is true, it will surely frustrate some potential iPhone 12 buyers. Presumably, Apple will continue to offer the wired EarPods for $29 and the 3.5mm dongle for $9, as the move wouldn’t have an influence on wired devices. While the good news is, Apple may offer big discounts around the time of the iPhone 12 launch to soften the blow, according to Kuo.

For Apple itself, this would be their first time not including a pair of free headphones in the box, but many other manufacturers have done the same thing for some time. For example, Google stopped bundling USB-C headphones with Pixel 4; OnePlus has never offered earbuds with its phones; and LG doesn’t bundle them either, despite its phones having a 3.5mm jack. The only one that still has USB-C headphones in the box is Samsung. With Apple finally canceling the bundle, Samsung may follow suit as well.

Actually, no headphone jack is just one part of Apple’s plan. Rumor has it that the iPhone 13 in 2021 will even be entirely portless. There’s no headphone jack, no USB-C port, and no SIM card slot. Sounding like a gimmick at first, but there is some sense for a phone without any ports at all. No ports allow the phone to be more durable, as there are no areas where fluff may get caught or cables can break off from. The company would be able to improve the IP rating and offers higher dust and water resistance. Most importantly, the saved space inside the phone will be used to increase the battery size or include further storage. 

iPhone 12 is likely to have better great features with the same price as the predecessor, including the A14 Bionic chip, more storage as a baseline, a 120Hz ProMotion display, 5G connectivity, a lidar sensor for augmented reality and much more. Despite the removal of headphone jack and the free headphones in the box, Apple’s iPhone 12 is a rather valuable handset that deserves your waiting.

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