How to charge Apple iPhone 12


Apple debuts iPhone 12 series with a lot updates and surprises at its launch event yesterday, including the anticipated 5G and  new Magsafe wireless charging system, and surprisingly No charger and No earpods in the box!


Apple said it’s for the reason of environment, however the increased margins, shipping costs, the transition to a future no-port iPhone might be the real trigger. If Apple really wants to reduce e-waste, it should switch lightning port on iPhone 12 to USB-C like other Android phones did, so you can use one charger for all.


How to charge iPhone 12 without an in-box charger? May I go to my old iPhone chargers? Unfortunately no, the genuine charger came with old iPhones (from iPhone 5) is a 5V 1A USB-A to lightning charger while the iphone 12 charging cable is a USB-C to lightning one, Of course, you can use the old charger to charge iPhone 12 with the old charging cable as well, and you know the charging speed would be out-dated slow.

How to fast charge iPhone 12?

Use a USB-C charger. If you already have a MacBook, iPad or other brands’ USB-C charger, you can simply apply it to charge your iPhone 12. iPhone 12 is fast-charging capable, it can be charged up to 50% in around 30 minutes with 20W or higher adapter. 


Recommendation of iPhone 12 USB-C charger

Anker Nano 20W iPhone 12 Charger  $16.99 (15% OFF currently) 

  • Designed for iPhone: Anker Nano’s 20W output is designed to provide the maximum charge to iPhone 12.
  • Unrivaled Speed: Charge iPhone 12 and previous iPhone models up to 3× faster than with an original 5W Charger.
  • Space-Saving Design: At 50% smaller than a standard 18W iPhone charger, Anker Nano provides more power while saving space in your bag or while plugged into a wall outlet.


What about wireless charging? How to fast charge iPhone 12 wirelessly? iPhone 12 line all supports wireless charging, and this time the company’s MagSafe technology accommodates magnets and maintains compatibility with existing chargers to deliver up to 15 watts. With normal Qi wireless chargers the charging speed is only 7.5 watts, only half of the MagSafe.


With no doubt it creats a market for new accessories, both official ones and third-party ones. The official Magsafe charger is selling at $39, and currently the fast wireless charging speed can only be achieved with it.  If the third-parties want access to the faster charging speeds and the NFC identification system for recognizing accessories, they’ll need to work with Apple. For Apple Watch users, there’s also a MagSafe Duo charger that can charge both your watch and iPhone 12 at the same time.


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