Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30

Well, I have to say that, with some brands paying more attention on gaming keyboard, especially on those rubber dome or membrane keyboards, right now, some membrane gaming keyboard could on the one hand, provide you faster responsiveness and tactile blue switch typing feel from a mechanical keyboard (Comparison: Mechanical vs Membrane Gaming Keyboard); onContinue reading “Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30”

Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K55 vs Razer Ornata vs Redimp GK100

If you’re a serious gamer, it’s a common sense that good gaming accessories at your computer can keep you at the top of your game for years to come. Today, we’ll talk about the best gaming keyboard (Preview: Best Gaming Keyboard under $50 of 2017).  Till 2017, the gaming keyboard market has undergone some major changes. SomeContinue reading “Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K55 vs Razer Ornata vs Redimp GK100”

Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review – Budget Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming, all keyboards are not created equal. Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard is made for the way you play, thanks to the performance-tuned keys that bring together the best in mechanical tactile feel and gaming-grade performance. Now let’s see what GK100 offers for PC gamers and what it can offer atContinue reading “Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review – Budget Gaming Keyboard”

Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Tablet and laptop are commonly used today, no matter you use them for entertainment or go down to business, a Bluetooth or wireless keyboard with touchpad are proved to be more convenient than the keyboard from the devices itself. Then, here comes a question, how to choose the best wireless keyboard with touchpad for myContinue reading “Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad”

Is Semi Mechanical Keyboard Worth to Buy?

When looking for a new keyboard on the Google or amazon, some of you now and then would see a phrase of semi-mechanical to describe a keyboard. Do you know what is semi mechanical keyboard? And is it worth to buy it? Referring from Deskthority, semi mechanical keyboard is: a keyboard where a portion of theContinue reading “Is Semi Mechanical Keyboard Worth to Buy?”

Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard: Which One is Better for Gaming

If you’re a gamer, what kinda of keyboard you should choose for better gaming battle? Mechanical keyboard, undoubtedly? Well, if for me, an entry-level gamer without so much on the budget, the answer will be a little different. Versus mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard is also a good choice for more and more people over the years.Continue reading “Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard: Which One is Better for Gaming”

Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 2017

What kinda of keyboard is best for gaming, especially for an entry-level gamer? Well, answers vary. Well, I wanna say that you don’t need have the best one, but you definitely need a good one, some featuring tactile feel, high responsiveness, cool backlighting, wrist rest, or even water resistance, etc. If so, how about theContinue reading “Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 2017”