Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review – Budget Gaming Keyboard

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming, all keyboards are not created equal. Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard is made for the way you play, thanks to the performance-tuned keys that bring together the best in mechanical tactile feel and gaming-grade performance. Now let’s see what GK100 offers for PC gamers and what it can offer at a low-budget gaming keyboard level price point.

Design Switch
Keyboard Size: Standard (104 Keys) Type: Membrane-Mechanical 
Keyboard Interface: USB  Key Stroke Travel: 2 mm
Anti-Ghosting: 19 Keys  Lifetime: 10 million keypresses
Dimensions: 17.5*7.5*1.7 inches  
Weight: 2.4 pounds  
Cable Length: 4.9 ft  


The packaging for GK100 being a pioneer to eSports world is as nice as other expensive products. And at the same time, this keyboard offers a brush and a keycap puller for easy-and-better clean. 

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard


As seen from the official tech specifications above, the GK100 comes to membrane switch; but GK100 has something different but smashing improvements over normal membrane keys. As constructed with floating keys, the backlit gaming keyboard is designed to mimic a mechanical switch; when the key is pressed down half way, then actuation starts which will result in faster responsiveness and registration in online battle. And that’s also the reason why the GK100 key pressing sounds like that of Blue switch of a mechanical gaming keyboard. 

Well, the absence of mechanical switches would be a minus point in the eyes of gamers today. And Redimp seems well aware of it; so to make it up, they pursue other plus points favored by gamers. None other than the LED backlights. 

When connected to a computer device, Redimp GK100 will directly emit LED backlight. Note that no matter whether you touch the keys or not, the 3-zone backlights will stay on. And as tested, differing from those RGB gaming keyboard, this backlit gaming keyboard doesn’t support backlights to be programmed but to adjust to breath mode and 3-level brightness. 

Redimp Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

More on that, as a gaming keyboard, except the rainbow of LED backlit, GK100 is additionally allocated with 19-key roll over in gaming mode, that is, gamers could perfectly execute up to 19 commands at the same time; besides, the WIN key can be locked and arrow keys can be interchanged for better gaming experience. 

redimp Budget Gaming Keyboard

Considering user experience, Redimp GK100 backlit gaming keyboard met expectations in terms of comfort while gaming or typing. And this is achieved by the width of the palm wrist rest. 

Not only from this undetachable wrist rest, shape and distance between the keycaps is not stingy so that it can ensure you maximum comfort no matter how intense your gaming marathons are. 

Moreover, GK100 is water-resistant in functionality with 5 drain holes on the back and sealed keycaps, in case of coffee or tea spilling or pouring on the keyboard while fracking with online battle. 

Redimp waterproof gaming keyboard

If you’re not too interested in the mechanical keyboard, it seems GK100 backlit gaming keyboard deserves to be one of the keyboards that get the attention. 

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Redimp GK100 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review – Budget Gaming Keyboard》有40个想法

  1. Yes the GK100 is packed with many features for gaming and every use.
    I could skip the fact its not mechanical as long as performance is up to par.
    I would be great to win and game on!

  2. I would be excited to try a mechanical membrane keyboard i have never experienced one.

    1. Thanks for your support, Spencer.
      Well, in my opinion, which one to choose always depends on the needs.
      While, I have mechanical and membrane keyboard:)

  3. Seems like a solid choice for a new keyboard, plenty of features, good for gaming and competitive price. Will keep my fingers crossed for a win!

  4. Don’t think i ever had a mechanical keyboard before, I think i’d fall in love tbh

  5. the anti-spill channel is great, since i always prepare coffee or tea for company 😀

  6. love the detailing for the hardcore gamer… even comes with brush…. love the idea of it already

  7. so, lets see if i can win it and to have my first RGC keyboard in my life and test it.
    lets see if i will like it 🙂


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