Is Semi Mechanical Keyboard Worth to Buy?

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

When looking for a new keyboard on the Google or amazon, some of you now and then would see a phrase of semi-mechanical to describe a keyboard. Do you know what is semi mechanical keyboard? And is it worth to buy it?

Referring from Deskthority, semi mechanical keyboard is:

  • a keyboard where a portion of the keys have mechanical key switches and the other have not (rubber dome switches). For example, some keyboards made for gaming would set the “WASD” and the direction keys with mechanical switches for faster responsiveness. 


  • a keyboard often have a mechanism over a membrane or rubber domes integrated into individual switch modules. 

Certainly, about the question of What is Semi Mechanical Keyboard, some answers from Quora are like this, semi-mechanical keyboards, in fact, are membrane ones and there’re not so many of the differences. And the only reason why such a membrane keyboard called mechanical keyboard, though half, is because the typing experience, similar like a mechanical one, tactile in pressing and crispy in audible key-clicks. Is it true? And there’re no more advantages over semi-mechanical keyboards? For me, the answer is NO! 

Here’re the reasons why I will prefer to buy a semi-mechanical keyboard, for work or for games (surely, that will largely depend on what kinds of games you’re engaging in).

  1. If compared with regular keyboard or membrane keyboard, semi-keyboard will offer you better key-click experiences as listed above; and at the same time, as it’s normally higher in key cap design, it’s effortless in clicking, especially when doing some typing work.
  2. If compared with mechanical keyboard, we can’t treat as the same as the mechanical keyboard has four different switches, Red, Black, Blue and Brown. Different switches, different experience. For example, if that is brown switch, I think, that is very close to the membrane keyboard. Surely, another important factor is the price. If you’re mostly for work or class, a $100 budget or even more on that won’t be that necessary. For more comparison between mechanical keyboard and regular keyboard, learn more details HERE.
  3. A suitable keyboard is the best keyboard to invest for based on your needs. For me, part for work, part for some entry-level RTS games, a semi mechanical is a more suitable choice.

And except the points above, some semi-mechanical keyboard also highlights some other features. 

  • Backlighting: well, I think most of you would prefer to such an awesome feature.

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard


  • Ergonomic Design with Rest: when doing much typing work or engaging in marathon gaming battle, that will effectively reduce the finger fatigue;
  • X-keys Anti Ghosting: that will reduce the possibility of battle error when clicking the wrong keys carelessly;
  • Water Resistance: save you and your keyboard when a cup of coca or coffee or milk is pouring on your keyboard; surely, as featured with this feature, you could also clean your keyboard thoroughly regularly for a new appearance;

All in all, don’t make a conclusion on semi-mechanical keyboard that is a junk or something not worth to try if you’ve never used it; or lump together that is useless. Surely, it’s all about my personal opinion on semi keyboard; if you have different opinions on that, welcome to leave a comment below to share with us and we could have a discussion and provide more tips to those who want to have a try on a semi mechanical keyboard.

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一个有关“Is Semi Mechanical Keyboard Worth to Buy?”的想法

  1. Mechanical keyboards are far better than the normal switches. Recently I started to using mechanical keyboards and just love it.


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