Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard: Which One is Better for Gaming

Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard

If you’re a gamer, what kinda of keyboard you should choose for better gaming battle? Mechanical keyboard, undoubtedly? Well, if for me, an entry-level gamer without so much on the budget, the answer will be a little different.

Versus mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard is also a good choice for more and more people over the years. Some feel good on their fingers; some feel awesome on their RGB backlit which is only seen from mechanical keyboards at the very beginning. Today we will compare the mechanical keyboard and regular keyboard (membrane keyboard) from their benefits and downfalls and provide recommendations about who should use membrane keyboard and who should use mechanical keyboard. 

Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard

What is Membrane Keyboard?

Till now, most membrane keyboards are made from a dome with printed letters on the top or laser stretched, and then a rubber or silicone keypad comes with domes as the top membrane layer. 

What is Mechanical Keyboard?

As the name suggests, the mechanical keyboards use switches to send typing signals. Different switches perform differently, though with a same construction, a base, a spring and a stem. Commonly, most switches are black, blue, brown and red. 


Pros and Cons of Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard

     Mechanical Keyboard Membrane Keyboard

Durability: longer time to wear out;

Tactility: more quickly to register in or type;

N-Key Rollover: allows you to press many keys simultaneously;

Similar Typing Experience to Mechanical Keyboards;

Relatively Quiet with a High Speed Typing;

More Affordable with the same features;


More Expensive;

Louder Typing Sound:  depends on the switches used;

Mushy Typing Feels;

Quicker than Mechanical keyboard to wear out;  

Which One You Should Choose: Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard?

As you see both keyboards have their ups and downs, not one keyboard is for everyone.

If you’re on an budget and don’t care so much on the keyboard perform, typing at home/office for most of time  (who love mechanical feel but silent clicks) or even for an entry-level gaming battle, you could save much of money for a membrane keyboard which suits most of your needs. For example, the Redimp GK100 (see its insight review), which is now on sale at $19.99 with the promo code “REDIMP11for backlit version; $23.99 with the promo code “REDIMP12for the RGB version

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

If you are a heavy user who uses the keyboard all the time or a professional/master gamer without too much concerns on budget, a mechanical keyboard is recommended. For example, the Razer Blackwidow series; and costs you at least $150. 





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Mechanical Keyboard vs Regular Keyboard: Which One is Better for Gaming》有42个想法

    1. Mechanical or Membrane, I think, they both have their own benefits.
      Well, would you mind to share your ideas on why mechanical is better?
      Thanks for your engagement on our discussion, Eyüp G.

    1. If for typing or some basic entry games, I think, some membrane keyboards do a great job.

  1. I’ve only ever used budget keyboards, so I don’t really think I can offer a judgement conclusively; but my preference is mechanical. That said in a public place I prefer the quiet landscape of membrane keyboards, as many people don’t understand the concept of “light touch” typing!

  2. Membrane, it’s much easy to pull the buttons and makes small noisy when u press the buttons

  3. prefer e mechanical keyboard because i’m a gamer…but…many times i need a silent keyboard…

  4. mech switches for the long haul…. AAA titles have great sound enjoyed thru headset plau the use of comms make the audio of the keyboard non-reason for getting this monster build

  5. I haven’t tried a mech kb yet. Stronger tactile sensations I do find more satisfying. Typewriters feel nice.
    I wish that mechanical buttons and switches make a comeback everywhere. Down with membranes and touch capacitive sensors and what not.

  6. mechanical keyboard is really good, i have played a bit with one mechanical and the response time is a bit faster than the membrane

  7. Once you use a mechanical keyboard then you will never go back to the membrane ones. Mechanical keyboards rocks especially the ones with cherry mx switches.

  8. very helpful article
    can u suggest me the best gaming keyboard for me?
    my budget is not to high i have normal budget
    waiting for your reply.


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