Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30

Gaming Keyboard Under $30

Well, I have to say that, with some brands paying more attention on gaming keyboard, especially on those rubber dome or membrane keyboards, right now, some membrane gaming keyboard could on the one hand, provide you faster responsiveness and tactile blue switch typing feel from a mechanical keyboard (Comparison: Mechanical vs Membrane Gaming Keyboard); on the other hand, they are also preferable on the price. In this post, I’ll share 7 rubber dome, clone mechanical switch, and even some inexpensive options, listed as Amazon best seller gaming keyboard under $30.

Do You Really Want to Pay for RGB Gaming Keyboard?

When Googling around, you may find that the gaming keyboard with full RGB illumination are take a high potion on the whole gaming keyboard, which allows you to customize the keyboard with a cool and vivid color aura during night gaming sessions or when you’re showing off your system. If you do prefer that, just pay for that for additional $30-$60, normally. 

Now let’s have a look at the top 8 cheap and best PC gaming keyboards under $30 for 2017.


#1 Redimp GK100 

Well, if you’re trying to save money and use your keyboard exclusively for gaming, I’d recommend the Redimp GK100.

Though it doesn’t come with mechanical keys, it’s not what it’s built for. It’s built to be a responsive gaming keyboard for people who don’t necessarily want the noise while having all the gaming features they need. These features include 19 keys rollover, 3-zone backlighting, floating keys, wrist rest, rubber feet, water-resistance, WIN lock and etc.

Now it’s on sale and you can buy it at $19.99 with the promo code “REDIMP11” for the backlit version; 

or $23.99 with the promo code “REDIMP12” for the RGB version.


#2 TeckNet Gryphon 

If you like keyboards with programmable G-keys, go with TeckNet Gryphon gaming keyboard. Its 10 programmable G-keys along with multi-key input gives it the flexibility you need for your favorite MOBA, MMORPG, or ARPG.

While the Gryphone is a rubber dome keyboard, in pure; so it does not have a quality feel with its key presses. But it’s 3 adjustable LED illumination is nice for nighttime gaming. 

Overall, the Gryphone is deserving of its place on this list with a good deal of $24.99. [Buy on]

Gaming Keyboard Under $30

#3 Rii RK100

The Rii RK100 gaming keyboard is one of the most popular gaming keyboard on the amazon, now ranking on the 6th. 

RK100 itself is stunning with a rainbow of LED backlit lights and its compact design. Noted that the backlit can’t support the Mac os and Linux OS system and No special key settings for gaming mode, for example, anti-ghosting or WIN lock.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it in a competitive environment; however, it’s enough for casual gaming, with the deal of $14.99 HERE.

Rii Gaming Keyboard

#4 Redragon Karura K502

Well, if you prefer to less noise during typing, the Karura K502 may be onto you with a low profile keys, which also makes it harder for scraps to fall between the keys and easier to clean overall.

Meantime, it supports single LED backlighting for 7 color, including red, blue, green, yellow, white, turquoise and purple.

Compared to other competitors gaming keyboards under $30, Karura K502 is relatively slim on construction for intense or fierce gaming battle, though it also allocated with 19 keys anti-ghosting and WIN locked in gaming mode. Now it sells for $23.68 HERE.



Don’t find its model 🙂 It’s also a standard 104-key but relatively compact sized keyboard for PC gaming or typing. 

Overall, it’s much more like Rii RK100; and the only difference is its backlit, single LED for 3 colors, red, blue and purple. 

Now it prices for $18.99 HERE.


#6 Zacro 

Despite its common features with the above gaming keyboards, the keyboard from Zacro has a switch in the top middle for adjusting 7- color LED brightness, rather than a key and a gamehood appearance. 

Seen from its reviews, some of them are about the plastic keys which would make you feel a little fragile; 

Interested and Buy it for $23.99 HERE.


#7 Hcman 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard

I have to say, the mechanical keyboards are getting cheaper and cheaper.

Made from aluminum alloy panel, CK key switch with Cherry MX stem and double-shot injection, it’s enough for the price. 

Besides, it also supports N-key rollover for gaming mode and 9 different lighting modes.

Now you could get it for $26.99 HERE.


So what’s your choice and do you have better choice for gaming keyboards under $30? Feel free to share with us with a comment below. 

Best Gaming Keyboard Under $30》有34个想法

  1. I think I’d pick the RedImp keyboard. Looks practical and fun. But they all look great.

    1. We’re sure you won’t get disappointed if you pick the Redimp keyboard.
      Thanks for your comment, Simon:)

  2. My choice would be the TeckNet. I like the macros and dont like the enter buttons on the other keyboards.

    1. Yeah, some macros are necessary, especially when in gaming mode.
      Thanks for your sharing, Rae Mun Lai.

  3. Yes the GK100 seems to be the better set of keys to game on.
    As it meets my needs and most of all very well priced for its features.
    For performance during gaming or daily internet uses, I would have to evaluate further.

  4. Out of these three the red imp looks the most pleasing aesthetically and ergonomically. The technet with plastic groves and transformer like design looks uncomfortable for prolonged use.

  5. Never had an experience in mechanical keyboard but id love to try, well its cheap unlike the other brands and i lke the rgb thing on it, and it has cool features too.. i would definetly recommend these mech keyboard..

  6. i also like the selection of this keyboard. if i dont win maybe i will buy one of them 🙂

  7. I wish that mechanical buttons and switches make a comeback everywhere. Down with membranes and touch capacitive sensors and what not.

  8. Grew up using mechanical keyboards and no plans to ever switch. I like the feel compared to other types of keyboards.


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