Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K55 vs Razer Ornata vs Redimp GK100

Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard

If you’re a serious gamer, it’s a common sense that good gaming accessories at your computer can keep you at the top of your game for years to come. Today, we’ll talk about the best gaming keyboard (Preview: Best Gaming Keyboard under $50 of 2017). 

Till 2017, the gaming keyboard market has undergone some major changes. Some brands of products have been more sophisticated, while others come back to their roots. Well, at any time, we insist that the right gaming keyboard ultimately comes down to the right feel while you’re playing. With that in mind, here’re our picks for the Amazon best gaming keyboard.

What We Look For

If you’re finding a gaming keyboard in a few years ago, a mechanical keyboard would be undoubtedly your top choice, though that would be a little expensive. But now, that has changed. More and more gamers, surely major for those entry-level ones, would prefer to membrane-mechanical gaming keyboard (or we could call it Semi-Mechanical Keyboard). Here we also provide you a full comparison on which one is better for gaming: mechanical vs regular keyboard.

How We Test Gaming Keyboard

When we test a new gaming keyboard, the first thing we will check is how easy it is to set up or connected. Then, here’s the typing test to see which one types faster and more accurately. Finally, we will test each keyboard through online games, a variety of genres, to see how well it performs.

Comparison Corsair K55                       Razer Ornata Chroma            Redimp GK100                  
Keyboard Size  104 Keys + 6 Macro Keys 104 Keys (Standard) 104 Keys (Standard)
Key Type  Membrane Membrane Membrane
Illumination  Full RGB Full RGB 3-Zone LED Backlit
Anti-Ghosting  8 Keys 10 Keys 19 Keys
Dimension 18.9*6.6*1.4 in 18.24*6.7*1.3 in 17.5*7.5*1.7 in
Weight 1.8 pounds 2.1 pounds 2.4 pounds
Lifetime N/A N/A 10 Million Keypresses
Price $49.99 $99.99 $29.99

Brief Overview

As before, most membrane keyboards are featured shallow key travel and a lack of tactile feedback; while, that has changed and some of you have heard the so-called membrane-mechanical keyboard. That’s it. Take the Redimp GK100 as an example, constructed with floating keys, the GK100 is designed to mimic a mechanical switch; when the key is pressed down half way, actuation starts, which results in faster responsiveness and tactile feel of the green switches, the same operating principle to Razer’s Mecha-Membrane. Here’s the result of GK100’s PresstheSpaceBar or you could also have a test with your keyboard and share the result with us on the comment.


RGB lighting is a common feature now on the market, but also one that can add dozens of dollars to a keyboard’s price tag, which all you can see clearly from the above chart. 

Well, if RGB is not a must-have, but you still want some color backlighting for cool gaming aura, LED backlit sounds also great. 

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

For gamers who play a lot of MMOs or competitive shooters, extra macro keys are useful, and in that, Corsair’s K55 has 6 programmable macro keys without any additional software required to be installed. 

Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard

Surely, except the macro keys for better gaming experience, most gaming keyboards would also set anti-ghosting keys, WIN key locked and WASD-direction key interchangeable in gaming mode, so does the Amazon best gaming keyboard. Among them,Redimp GK100 Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard seems to be slightly better with up to 19 anti-ghosting keys. 

Backlit Gaming Keyboard; Budget Gaming Keyboard

Compared with those portability-friendly gaming keyboard, these amazon best gaming keyboard candidates seem to be a little heavier, especially the Redimp GK100 up to 2.4 pounds. What’s the hell in it? When we disassemble it, a metal panel comes to our sight and we get that it could add additional stability when engaging in fierce and intense gaming battle.

And when referring to intense gaming battle, some coffee or juice accidents seem to be inevitable. To me, I was ever overturn half cup of juice into keyboard when fiercely battling with the mouse, and next second, the keyboard turned off. So considering this, some brands have added the water-resistant function, for example, the GK100


Amazon Best-Seller Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K55

Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard Overall: Razer Ornata Chroma

Amazon Best Gaming Keyboard under $50 



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