Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad


Tablet and laptop are commonly used today, no matter you use them for entertainment or go down to business, a Bluetooth or wireless keyboard with touchpad are proved to be more convenient than the keyboard from the devices itself. Then, here comes a question, how to choose the best wireless keyboard with touchpad for my devices? Read on below to find your answer and explore your favorite one from the following recommendations.


Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard
The Microsoft Wireless keyboard is the first listed keyboard which connects your Windows PC to your TV to surf the web, watch movies, and more from anywhere within a 10-meter range. Without having to get up off the couch you can swipe and scroll on the well-designed touchpad with multi-touch gestures. The drawback is that the touchpad only supports for Window 10.


Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard
If you are an existing user of Logitech, you would probably like to buy the Logitech K400 Plus because of its Unifying Receiver. It comes with a smaller touchpad than Microsoft’s but still works well for supporting multi-touch gestures. Adding easy-access volume control and arrow keys, you are allowed to control your TV with little efforts. Additionally, it features a wider compatibility than Microsoft which Works with Windows 10 or later, Windows 8 or 7; Android 5.0 or later and Chrome OS.


Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard
In comparison to the keyboards I mentioned above, Logitech K830 is more competitive in the way that it features illumination. It frees your inconvenience from controlling your TV at night because its special design f backlight. On top of it, you are given a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a standard micro-USB cable. Although it will cost you more, it is still worth buying for its high performance.


Tips on choosing a wireless keyboard:
There are many other options in the market; in case you are not satisfied with what have been mentioned above you can take the following tips into consideration while deciding to buy one.
1. If you use desktop more often than tablet or laptop, you are suggested to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo; otherwise, a wireless keyboard with touchpad is more convenient.
2. Consider the wireless range of your keyboard. The typical rang for a standard wireless keyboard is approximately 30 feet. However, a wireless keyboard with built-in 2.4 GHZ connection has a range of up to 82 feet.
3. Keyboards come in ergonomic and straight-line designs. Generally, ergonomic keyboards are more confortable but also more expensive. And according to different preference, you can choose wireless keyboard with full-sized or mini versions.
4. Not all keyboards are compatible with every computer, choosing a wireless keyboard that can work with any type of computer is ideal.
5. Consider buying a wireless keyboard with rechargeable batteries which is more cost-effective.


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