Best Gaming Keyboards for Mac

Best Gaming Keyboard for Mac

Well, I have an iMac and a Mac, and occasionally I would also be a gamer. But right now, the magic keyboard seems not that suitable for my gaming time. It’s time to have another keyboard to replace for both working and gaming. How to choose one? Keep reading.

Best Gaming Keyboard for Mac

  1. 1. Redimp GK100 Gaming Keyboard for Mac ($19.99)

Though it is not a mechanical keyboard, GK100 is featured to mimic a mechanical switch with the floating keys for faster responsiveness and tactile key presses, no matter whether you’re engaging in an online battle or work. And at the same time, considering that, GK100 has specially designed wrist rest and contoured keycaps to offer you maximum comfort.

When you are fracking with online battle in a three-zone LED backlighting aura, what to do if spilling or pouring a cup of coffee or tea? Game over in advance? Nope!!! As GK100 is featured with 5 drain holes on the back and the membrane keycaps are completely sealed, it can be well liquid resistant. 

Backlit Keyboard for Mac

2. Aukey Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches ($65.99)

This frame-less and brushed aluminum panel is characterized by tactile and audible blue switches, if you like a bit louder typing sound, it’s a good choice. In addition, the KM-G3 offers preloaded multi-color RGB backlit lighting effects and patterns. 

Aukey Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard for Mac Gaming


3. Azio Wired USB Mac Keyboard ($86.8)

Featuring a harmonious combination of functions and beauty, the gaming keyboard from Azio is a mechanical keyboard designed exclusively for Mac. The bead-blasted aluminum finish exudes elegance while underlining Apple’s minimalist aesthetic, featuring mac layout, white LED backlight and full mechanical brown keys.

Azio Mac Keyboard for Gaming

4. Das Keyboard Model S Gaming Keyboard for Mac ($133)

The Das mechanical keyboard for Mac sports high-performance, gold-plated, mechanical key switches that produce unique clicky tactile feedback while making the typing/gaming experience more comfortable, precise and fast. It also includes media controls for quick access to the most common media functions. Foremost, it is specifically designed for maximum Mac compatibility.

Das Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Mac

5. SteelSeries M800 Mechanical Keyboard ($193.99)

SteelSeries M800 is primarily designed for gamers, now it also widely used by workers. As you are using on Mac, it is essential to include Mac-specific keys. What makes gamers happier is it has included the Mac keys within the packaging and not as an additional purchase. Finally, due to the keyboard’s actuation point being lower than other mechanical keyboards on the market, the Apex M800 is deemed as the ‘World’s Fastest Keyboard’.

Steelseries Gaming Keyboard for Mac

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