Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support eSIM and micro SD?

Samsung’s new foldable phones the Galaxy Z Fold will come out soon, possibly in the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5. While expecting these new phones, Earphones, Galaxy Tabs etc., some of you must still be concerned about the old ones, such as the Galaxy Z Flip, which is designed to be a fullContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support eSIM and micro SD?”

Does Galaxy Z Flip have screen crease?

Galaxy Z Flip foldable, Samsung’s second generation foldable phone is going to be released on February 11, right after 2 days. As a clamshell foldable, Galaxy Z Flip has many more advantages over Motorola Razr, which also features a flip phone design. But considering the drawbacks we’ve already seen on previous foldables, we may wonderContinue reading “Does Galaxy Z Flip have screen crease?”

Will Apple Have Foldable Phones?

In a latest essay published by Android Authority, Apple is presumed to create a foldable phone in the future. The prediction is based on a new patent filed by Apple, which designes a hinge used to reduce and even eliminate creasing problems on foldables. However, just like what the author pointed out, a patent doesContinue reading “Will Apple Have Foldable Phones?”

How does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look?

As a fan of Samsung Galaxy  series , You could be concened about  the news that Samsung Galaxy  will unpack two smartpone models:Samsung Galaxy  Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy  S20 lineup  on February,11. Speaking of the foldable phone, Motorola Razr can fold half nearly without any crease, which display perfect advanced technology.How could we expect from Samsung Galaxy  ZContinue reading “How does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look?”

Can Motorola Razr fold without a crease

Recently, foldable phones are more and more popular among people, especially for 2019,which is can be regarded as  the year of foldable phones. Some stunning handsets appear like: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei MateX, Oppo foldable phone and Motorola  Razar 2019.    Motorola  Razar 2019 i s the most  distinctive  foldable phone than those foldable phone,Continue reading “Can Motorola Razr fold without a crease”