Does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip support eSIM and micro SD?

Samsung’s new foldable phones the Galaxy Z Fold will come out soon, possibly in the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5. While expecting these new phones, Earphones, Galaxy Tabs etc., some of you must still be concerned about the old ones, such as the Galaxy Z Flip, which is designed to be a full phone with a 6.7-inch OLED display that can fold into a small square and slip into your pocket on the go. Considering that the Motorola Razr is the first foldable that supports eSIM, does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has this technology, too? How about micro SD?

Does Galaxy Z Flip support eSIM?

The good thing is, Galaxy Z Flip has done more than Motorola Razr. It just has a single SIM tray, but if you would like to take advantage of the functions of dual SIMs, you can also use eSIM with your Z Flip. That is to say, you can use the phone either by inserting one SIM card or by using the SIM card slot and an eSIM. Note that the supported SIM card is nano-SIM, so if your original SIM card is micro or mini –though most phones today are nano, you have to trim it into a nano size.

Does Galaxy Z Flip have support micro SD?

On the other hand, single SIM tray means that there is no slot for an SD card. Galaxy Z Flip has 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage, which is more than enough for you to download more and capture plenty of videos or photos without worrying about running out of memory.

The physical SIM card slot is on the top left corner of the phone, just insert your SIM card as you do on your other phones, or learn more details from the video —Galaxy Z Flip: How to Insert SIM Card& Double Check. As for setting up eSIM on Z Flip, follow the steps: Get to the apps menu and pick the Settings>>Click the Connections button>>Choose the SIM card manager>>Then Add mobile plan and join eSIM by using the QR code. You can also add eSIM by using the activation code.

How to know if you really need an eSIM phone?

The great thing about eSIM is that it makes switching carriers and plans much easier. The carrier just need to wipe the data on your eSIM and reprogram it, you will have a brand new eSIM. It is great for travelling, as you’ll be able to use one as a travel SIM and the other as a regular SIM. Besides, when taking it out, there’s no need to worry about losing or damaging your SIM card anymore. 

However, take the disadvantages into consideration if you are going to buy an eSIM phone. First of all, eSIM is not widely available yet, for instance, only T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, GigSky, and Telna offer service for eSIM. Not many phones are compatible with eSIM –it is simply a new tech, after all. And if your phone breaks, you can’t just remove the SIM card and use it in a back-up phone. 

Recommended protective cases for your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip:

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