Can Motorola Razr fold without a crease

Recently, foldable phones are more and more popular among people, especially for 2019,which is can be regarded as  the year of foldable phones. Some stunning handsets appear like: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei MateX, Oppo foldable phone and Motorola  Razar 2019.    Motorola  Razar 2019 i s the most  distinctive  foldable phone than those foldable phone,Continue reading “Can Motorola Razr fold without a crease”

Does Motorola RAZR support Bluetooth 5.0?

What’ s your the most impressioned flip phone? Now, the Motorola Razr, which was a household name in the mid-00s at the height of the popularity of flip-phones, is back. Speaking of the foldable phone, the Samsung also unveiled the super foldable phone Galaxy Fold for $1980. While the  war of foldable phone is coming soon!Continue reading “Does Motorola RAZR support Bluetooth 5.0?”