How does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look?

As a fan of Samsung Galaxy  series , You could be concened about  the news that Samsung Galaxy  will unpack two smartpone models:Samsung Galaxy  Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy  S20 lineup  on February,11. Speaking of the foldable phone, Motorola Razr can fold half nearly without any crease, which display perfect advanced technology.How could we expect from Samsung Galaxy  ZContinue reading “How does Samsung Galaxy Z Flip look?”

Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have telephoto camera?

What is the smartphone most anticipated  on 2020? Samsung Galaxy S20 ,S20 plus, S20 ultra series will be a big thing .They are worthwhile to be waited in the wing. According to the leak, Samsung Galaxy S20 is getting unveiled on February,11. Compared to the  Samsung Galaxy S10 that has triple-lens shooter ,Samsung Galaxy S20 has 64 MP telephotoContinue reading “Does Samsung Galaxy S20 have telephoto camera?”