Can Motorola Razr fold without a crease

Recently, foldable phones are more and more popular among people, especially for 2019,which is can be regarded as  the year of foldable phones. Some stunning handsets appear like: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei MateX, Oppo foldable phone and Motorola  Razar 2019.    Motorola  Razar 2019 i s the most  distinctive  foldable phone than those foldable phone, for that Motorola Razr can fold in half  nearly without a crease.  There is a highlight: the innovative hinge design. Besides, the Motorola Razr is a flip phone with two-screen folding phone that flips out to be used as a tablet.

What is the hinge design?

According to the specs of the Motorola Razr,  it is adopted the innovative hinge design. The Razr folds down from a smartphone into a pocket-friendly shape. As you open and close the Razr, the display actually moves up and down ever so slightly behind the phone’s chin. And we barely see the crease . the hinge “includes moveable support plates that rigidly support the display when the phone is open, but collapse out of the way when the phone is closed.” This allows the phone to have a zero gap hinge, but not causing the display to crease. Motorola created a pocktable  and slim foldable phone that didn’t have permanent crease down of the middle of the phone. It can hide the folding screen bulge. Samsung Galay Fold display inside more like a book, and Huawei Mate x is just like taco shell. While Motorola Razr   prevent a gap and  used steel plates under the screen that go across the width of the phone. When the Razr is closed the plates slide out the way to make room for the display’s teardrop fold. When the phone is open, the plates push up against the screen to help it lie perfectly flat.

How does it fold flat? 

The Motorola Razr’s proprietary hinge design has an open cavity that houses the looped portion of the screen. Plus,plastic screens don’t fold totally flat or you’d crease them down the middle. There’s still an air gap inside the phone, you just don’t see it, so the design appears mostly flat. Technically, there’s a 0.2mm gap between the display and hinge. For the plastic screen, there’s a fingernail-thin channel that runs around the perimeter between the display and the bezel. Motorola wanted the Razr to sit perfectly flush in the closed position without a gap between the folded ends of the screen. 



Motorola Razr is  the best designed foldable phone to date . It is not  far behind the Huawei Mtae X. Actually , it is more convenient foldable phone than any other foldable phone. The price of Motorola Razr is oly $1500, cheaper than Samgsung Galaxy Fold . If you are tried to have this kind of foldable phone, Motorola Razr is a good choice.



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