How to maximize the battery life of mobile phones?

I wonder if you know that we need to unplug the mobile phone after charging. Because when the charger is unplugged, it is easy to generate reverse instantaneous current, which may also lead to a series of problems such as accelerated aging of the battery and shortened battery life.

Most people will always plug the charging plug into the socket for convenience. This habit can effectively reduce the damage to the cell phone battery caused by surges. At the same time, if you use the anti-surge connector and the original charger, it doesn’t matter which end you plug in and unplug first when charging. But we can still explore the maximum of battery life.

How does lithium-ion battery work?

Lithium-ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery, which is powered by lithium ion moving between the positive and negative poles. Like all chemical batteries, lithium-ion batteries are also composed of three parts: positive pole, negative pole and electrolyte. The positive or negative electrode has a physical structure similar to a sponge, which is used to release or receive lithium ions. During discharge, lithium ions move from the negative material to the electrolyte, and then enter the positive material as water enters the sponge. This process is called embedding. The process of charging is completely opposite.

Lithium-ion battery is one of the most common types of rechargeable batteries in portable electronic devices. It has the advantages of high energy density, high open-circuit voltage, large output power, no memory effect, low self-discharge, wide operating temperature range, fast charging and discharging speed, etc. In addition to consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries can also be used in military, pure electric vehicles, aerospace and other fields.

How to maximize the battery life of mobile phones?

All rechargeable batteries are consumables. With the increase of service life, the performance of batteries will decrease. In addition to the problems to be noticed during charging mentioned above, the following aspects will also affect the use of lithium-ion batteries:

  1. Keep away from high temperature environment

When charging, the temperature should be kept between 16 ℃ and 22 ℃ as much as possible. When the mobile phone and other devices are exposed to an environment above 35 ℃ for a long time, the battery may be permanently damaged and can no longer supply power to the device for a long time. However, don’t worry too much. If the battery temperature exceeds the recommended temperature during the charging process of most smart phones, the charging will be limited after the battery reaches 80%.

Similarly, long-term storage of batteries in high temperature environment may also cause irreversible damage. When using the mobile phone in a very cold environment, although the battery life of the mobile phone will also be reduced, this situation is only temporary. When the battery temperature returns to the normal range, its performance will also return to normal.

  • Keep half the power

If electronic devices containing lithium-ion batteries are not used for a long time, the percentage of battery power before storage is also critical. When the electronic equipment is not used for a long time, do not fully charge or fully discharge, and the charging capacity of the equipment should be kept at about 50%. If the device is stored when the battery is completely discharged, the battery may fall into a deep discharge state, which makes the battery unable to recharge.

On the contrary, if a fully charged device is stored for a long time, the battery capacity will also be partially lost, thus shortening the battery life. When you use a device that has been stored for a long time again, its battery may be in a state of low power. You need to charge it with the original charger for 20 minutes before using it.

  • Turn on low battery mode

Many smart phones have introduced a low battery mode: when the battery is low, it is easy to extend the battery life. Low power mode will generally lower the screen brightness, optimize the device performance, and minimize system animation. When your phone is recharged, the low battery mode will also be automatically turned off.


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