How to type special characters in Windows 10

You could find most of the common symbols on your keyboard, no matter you use a laptop or a desktop PC. However, in some situations, you want to use some less common symbols, like £, ü, ฿ or emojis consisted of common characters. And good to know, Windows 10 has preloaded with quite a fewContinue reading “How to type special characters in Windows 10”

Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac

Value of Money Mac operating system can only be installed by iMac or MacBook, therefore, the only brand you can purchase is Apple and maybe it’s hard to find a satisfactory result. For example, if you pay $999 for MacBook Air, which released 9 years ago and has a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor,Continue reading “Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Mac”

Best Features of Windows 10

When you swift your operating system from Windows 7 or others, you will feel a little bit unfamiliar with it. For that, many PC users refuse to upgrade their system from the old one. But, I have to say you will really miss some excellent function. Next, I will list several best features of WindowsContinue reading “Best Features of Windows 10”

How to Upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10

Although it will be some time before Windows 10 becomes generally available, it’s never too early to start thinking about the process for upgrading from the current Windows platform. Upgrading is not without the occasional hiccup, however, from a time-saving and ease-of-use standpoint, it’s much faster and easier than doing a full wipe and thenContinue reading “How to Upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10”

How to Change Wallpaper on Windows 10

Wallpaper is the background picture or pattern on the computer’s desktop. It is also called desktop background for obvious reasons. Changing wallpaper for your Windows 10 doesn’t mean that the blue Windows 10 wallpaper isn’t nice to look at, but you can personalize and stamp your character on your Windows 10 desktop through this way.Continue reading “How to Change Wallpaper on Windows 10”

How to Connect iPhone 7(plus) to Windows 10

Apple launches its newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus recently. Although Apple makes its mobile operation system iOS exclusively for its hardware and Microsoft makes Windows for computer, the two companies makes it easy to connect an iPhone 7(plus) to a Windows 10 PC. How to Connect iPhone 7(plus) to Windows 10— Install iTunesContinue reading “How to Connect iPhone 7(plus) to Windows 10”

How to Change Lock Screen in Windows 10

The windows 10 lock screen is a stylish display to cover the login screen which features beautiful backgrounds and application statuses. Through Microsoft always offers a decent range of personalization capabilities in its operating system which lets you customize and tweak it to the fullest extent. Here, we would like to recommend several tips onContinue reading “How to Change Lock Screen in Windows 10”