How to type special characters in Windows 10


You could find most of the common symbols on your keyboard, no matter you use a laptop or a desktop PC. However, in some situations, you want to use some less common symbols, like £, ü, ฿ or emojis consisted of common characters. And good to know, Windows 10 has preloaded with quite a few different ways to type special characters, symbols, and emojis. We will list the top three ways which are fairly easy in this article.

Windows Character Picker

This is the easiest way to type a special character in Windows 10. This built-in picker officially arrived in a May 2019 update. Just press win + . or win + ; shortcut and it will show up a massive selection of emojis, symbols, and kaomoji.
The menu is divided into three categories, emoji, Kaomoji, and Symbols. You can click the category you prefer and browse the list to search for the one you want.


When you find it, just click to insert. The picker will keep track of the characters you used frequently on the bottom. And you can find it effortless next time. However, there isn’t a search bar. If you want to find a symbol quickly, you may have to try other methods below.

Character Map App

This is an old-school Windows Accessory. Although it doesn’t include emoji and kaomoji, it’s more convenient to find the character you want by typing into the search bar.


Click the Windows button and type Character Map into the search bar and open the app. Or press Windows Key + R to launch Run, and type charmap to open the app. Select the font according to your document and browse these characters showing up. Select the character you want by double click. If you know the name of the symbol, you can type its name into the search bar after “search for”.
Finally, click on Copy. And now you can paste it anywhere in the document as your will.

Alt Key Codes

The last method is most efficient but more difficult than other methods. It requires you to remember the code number. And it only works if you have a keyboard with a separate number pad.


Now, I will tell you how to operate. Press and hold Alt key. Type in the code that belongs to the symbol you want. Release Alt key and the symbol will show up.

After reading these methods, do you have any other tricks to share with us? You can comment below to share with us.

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