Best Features of Windows 10

When you swift your operating system from Windows 7 or others, you will feel a little bit unfamiliar with it. For that, many PC users refuse to upgrade their system from the old one. But, I have to say you will really miss some excellent function. Next, I will list several best features of Windows 10.


  1. Cortana, the voice assistant

On the bottom left, you can see an icon which looks like a circle. Once you click it, you can talk with Cortana. There are some things that Cortana can do. You can connect your laptop and cellphone by downloading Cortana App. Therefore, it is easy to sync reminders and files. Meanwhile, you can check the information you concerned about, such as weather, video, flights and so on. Cortana is smart, she can provide interesting information for you based on your search history.


  1. Micro Edge

Internet Explore has total replace by Micro Edge. Micro Edge provides a more enjoyable user experience. It is easy for you to share funny things with your friend. There is a share icon on the upper right of the page. Moreover, you can mark up the page without making a screen shot. It is worth mention that Micro edge can filter ads and other unnecessary items. Therefore, you can enjoy your reading without disturbing.


  1. The start menu

For some users of Windows 7 or 8, it takes time for them to get used to the new operating system. It is totally different from those two. On the start menu, there are five icons over there. They are menu, account, files explore, settings and power. You can see all the applications here and the favorite software will be placed on the top, which is saving time.


  1. Multiple tasking

It is a useful function when you need copy some information from an image and write it down on a document. You just need to press WIN-Tab and direction button to decide where you would like to place the software.


  1. Game playing

Many people use PC for game playing, thus Game Mode emerges at the right point. As you can see from the picture below, XBOX controller one is supporter by Windows 10. You just need to plug it in and start your game. Designers have made some adjustments to provide a pleasure experience when playing games. If you start a game, the system will make way for it and do not allow other software occupy too much resource. So, you won’t hinder by the hardware and play game smoothly.


That’s the five best features of Windows 10. Windows 10 is a well-designed operating system and has the biggest market share.

 There are still some features not mentioned in the article. You can install Windows 10 and find them by yourself.





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