How to Change Lock Screen in Windows 10

How to Change Lock Screen In Windows 10

How to Change Lock Screen In Windows 10

The windows 10 lock screen is a stylish display to cover the login screen which features beautiful backgrounds and application statuses. Through Microsoft always offers a decent range of personalization capabilities in its operating system which lets you customize and tweak it to the fullest extent.

Here, we would like to recommend several tips on how to change lock screen or wall paper in windows 10.


Firstly, search for ‘lock screen settings’ on the start menu and open the screen settings.

Secondly, change the lock screen background. In the past, there are limited photos could change the lock screen background, but Windows 10 are different now.

You can set your favor images as lock screen. Or of course, Windows spotlight will always offer several different wallpapers.


How to Change the Color of the Login Screen?

How to Change Lock Screen In Windows 10

Following are the easy step to change the color of the login screen.

Visit the Setting App – Personalization – Select Colors – Automatically pick an accent color from my Background

Finally, the color you select will be used on your login screen. However, if you want to choose your favor color, you need to use the old, hidden control panel interface for picking the color. You can adjust your preferred color through ‘Show Color Mixer’

How to Change Lock Screen In Windows 10


How to Download Spotlight Images in Windows 10?

Have you saw the stylish and high quality images which show on the Windows Spotlight Lock Screen before? The screens are looks really fantastic. however these lock screen pictures are have no in-built way to download them for other purposes, like setting them ad your desktop background


Easy Steps

How to Change Lock Screen In Windows 10

Enter the app of Spot Bright which comes from Microsoft Store. Its will scan for all the spotlight images that have been used in the past and then download it to your local devices.

Have you got the Lock Screen on your Windows 10 devices? Or do you have any cool ideas on it? If yes, just comment below!




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