Best Tablet for Web Browsing 2017


When comes to buy a tablet, there are many aspects we have to consider. Generally, according to different needs, its performance, battery life, screen quality, storage and the like should be taken into account. For these, selecting a tablet best for you seems not an easy thing especially for those who are the first time to do so. Luckily, there are some rules of thumb you can follow when you’re after a tablet. And to help you find out the best suitable tablet, here generalize a list for your consideration.


Tips for choosing a best tablet
Although there are many options available on the tablet market, they are all similar to each other to some degree, so before you deciding to splash on it you should bear your purpose in mind.
Battery Life &Design
If you intend to use the tablet for browsing, watching movies and social communication, then most of tablets can meet your requirements. In this case, the battery life and design are something you should consider at the very beginning.
Operating System
However, if you want you tablet to replace your laptop or desktop, the operating system should be put in the first place. The most common are Android, Windows and of course the Apple iOS. Generally speaking, windows tablet is the best choice if you need to get a lot of work down especially creating or manipulating documents and spreadsheets. And the iPad is convenient to read document.


Processor &Screen Resolution
A high speed of processor and great screen resolution are always taken the priority to consider for the gamer. And fortunately, the Android tablet like Samsung Galaxy now are meeting or exceeding the iPad’s screen resolution and processing speed with a relatively lower price.
Best Tablets for Web browsing 2017
Based on different types of operating system, three best tablets for web browsing are given here.


Apple iPad Pro 9.7
OS: iOS CPU: Apple A9X Resolution: 2048*1536
Screen Size: 9.7 Battery: 6470mAh Storage: 32/128/256GB
Rear Camera: 12MP Front Camera: 5MP RAM: 2GB
Weight: 437g Dimensions: 240*170*6.1
This is the best overall tablet worthy to splash out your pocket. The newest OS, best created design and improved camera everything you can expect from a tablet are rolled into the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 except one that is the price. There is no doubt that you need to pay more for this high-end device.


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2
OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat) CPU: Snapdragon Resolution: 1536*2048 pixels
Screen Size: 9.7-inches Battery: 6000mAh Storage: 32GB
Rear Camera: 13MP Front Camera: 5MP RAM: 4GB
Weight: 429g Dimensions: 237.3*169*6mm
The Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 is the best overall Android tablet which is perceived as the strong competitor of iPad. It comes with a larger RAM than Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and the 13MP rear camera helps the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 stand out from other tablet.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4.0
OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core M3 Resolution: 2736*1824
Screen Size: 12.3-inch Battery: N/A Storage: 128GB
Rear Camera: 8MP Front Camera: 5MP RAM: 4GB
Weight: 766g Dimensions: 292*201*8.5
This is a favorable 2 in 1 tablet. It can transform between laptop and tablet with ease. The Windows 10 operating system enables you to creating and editing documents in an easy way. Supported by a large 128GB storage, you can store whatever you want with no problem.
Tablet is ideal travel companion, so which the best tablets here are you interested in?


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