Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review

In the last passage, we explained what solar panel is, different types of solar panel and terms to know before you buy a solar charger in detail. Differ from solar panel, solar power bank is heavier, harder and unfoldable. However, the basic operating principles remain the same. So this time we tested, review and recordContinue reading “Best Solar Power Banks: Test and Review”

What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy

Types of solar charger, elements should be considered when buying a solar charger and good recommendations are stated in this passage to help you buy a suitable solar panel. Types of solar panel Let’s start form the material used to make a solar panel cell. Most of photovoltaics are based on some variation of silicon,Continue reading “What Portable Solar Panel Charger Should I Buy”

Top 5 Best Solar Chargers

When considering a solar charger, we always have some questions like, what is solar battery and why use a solar charger. Having a solar charger during trip, means you can keep your USB devices full of juice all the time with a sustainable source of power. Solar charger costs more but also more eco-friendly than aContinue reading “Top 5 Best Solar Chargers”

Top 5 Solar Chargers for iPhone

GPS, smartphone, and video camera, those are many sportsmen won’t leave without. These technological tools have their benefits and applications, but only as long as they have power, especially for your iPhone. Below are top 5 solar chargers for your iPhone when you are outdoor.   1. Brunton Explorer2 The Explorer2 is a true go-anywhere solarContinue reading “Top 5 Solar Chargers for iPhone”

How to Select a Solar Charger

Thanks to technological development, People now have more choices about where and how they do their work. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and even portable printers and credit card machines make doing work remotely easier than ever. Today, People also have a much more mobile lifestyle than they did in the past. Many love to spend weekends camping,Continue reading “How to Select a Solar Charger”

Frequently asked questions about solar charger

How does a solar charger work? A solar charger converts solar energy into electricity through an electro-chemical process. The embedded solar panel gathers and stores energy to the solar charger’s internal battery. The stored energy can be then used to charge different 5V DC, USB-compatible devices, when necessary.   How to know that the mobileContinue reading “Frequently asked questions about solar charger”

Solar Products For Bugout Bag

Recently I am thinking about solar energy, portable solar electronics, solar generation and emergency preparation. As it turns out, I found myself making a mental list of the kinds of solar products that might be beneficial if I was involved in such an earthly takeover…or to what portable solar panels or other solar gear toContinue reading “Solar Products For Bugout Bag”

Read This Before You Buy A Power Bank Part 1

                                  Most of us do carry our fair share of gadgets, where a smart phone is a definite “must have” device, while some of us augment that with a tablet for those moments where lugging around a notebook is justContinue reading “Read This Before You Buy A Power Bank Part 1”

Several Types of Power Bank

1.Fashion and Portable Power Bank      The emergence of power bank has no doubt eased the electricity shortage of smart phones and brought consumers great convenience at this stage. How to downsize the products and make the products more portable product on the basis of ensuring the electric capacity, is one of the issuesContinue reading “Several Types of Power Bank”

Charging Can Go Easy and Green in This Way

Are you tired of bringing a heavy power bank to ensure power supply hiking? Do you want to have an endless power for your devices when going out for a long trip? Instead of an external power panel, why not consider making use of the sun you bath every day. With the 7W charging power,Continue reading “Charging Can Go Easy and Green in This Way”