Frequently asked questions about solar charger

Portable Solar Charger

How does a solar charger work?

A solar charger converts solar energy into electricity through an electro-chemical process. The embedded solar panel gathers and stores energy to the solar charger’s internal battery. The stored energy can be then used to charge different 5V DC, USB-compatible devices, when necessary.


How to know that the mobile device is compatible with EasyAcc solar charger?

EasyAcc portable solar chargers provide charging power to most USB compatible devices having a charging voltage of DC 5V. For example, mobile phones, MP3 players, GPS devices and digital cameras.  

solar charger 1


How to acquire optimal charging performance?

Optimal charging performance is achieved outdoors in direct sunlight when the solar panel is positioned towards the sun. Clouds, shades, and window glass reduce the charging performance notably. 


solar charger 6


How long does it take to charge the solar charger from the sun?

Theoretical (1500mAh) battery charge from 0% to 50% takes 2.5 hours in ideal conditions. Power absorption of the Li-Po battery slows down in the end of its charging cycle, causing the battery to charge up from 50% to 100% in a longer period. 

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How long does it take to charge the mobile device with the solar charger?

Mobile device’s charging time depends on the size of the devices own internal battery. The charging speed from the solar charger corresponds to a normal wall charger. 

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Can I charge the mobile device directly from the sun with a charging cable attached to the solar charger?

EasyAcc is capable of charging its internal battery from the sun and the target device from the internal battery simultaneously with a charging cable, while the charging efficiency is only about 70% from the normal charging efficiency. 

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Does the solar charger gather energy indoors?

EasyAcc solar chargers are designed to gather direct sunlight and thus recommended for outdoor use. Artificial lightning conditions will give only a marginal amount of energy. 

solar charger 5


Can I leave the solar charger into direct sunlight for a long period of time?

EasyAcc recommends to keep the charger outdoor and in direct sunlight as much as possible. Thus you will always have extra energy for use in the solar charger battery.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure that air can move freely around the charger and the air temperature does not rise above 50C. Do not leave the charger on a car dashboard due to the risk of extreme temperature and permanent damage to the charger.

solar charger 8


Can I use my solar charger in the rain?

EasyAcc solar chargers are splashproof and will tolerate humid environments but they are not meant to be left in the rain or exposed to underwater conditions.

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