Should I Store Batteries in Fridge?

It has been long rumored that storing batteries in the refrigerator can extend the lifespan of the battery and, apologies for the obvious food-storage joke, keep them fresh. Does it actually help? Is there any legitimate reason for putting your batteries in cold storage? First, let’s look at why people are even putting their batteries in theContinue reading “Should I Store Batteries in Fridge?”

Read This Before You Buy A Power Bank Part 1

                                  Most of us do carry our fair share of gadgets, where a smart phone is a definite “must have” device, while some of us augment that with a tablet for those moments where lugging around a notebook is justContinue reading “Read This Before You Buy A Power Bank Part 1”

Difference Between Original Battery and Mobile Power Bank

   Applicability:1. The equipment original battery is only suitable for the use of original equipment, mobile power simply convert the connector will be able to charge a variety of digital devices or power supply and charging, but is not limited to the brand and model.2. Power bank 5000mah can be widely used in USB On-the-GoContinue reading “Difference Between Original Battery and Mobile Power Bank”

What is Power Bank?

What is Power bank? Power bank also called “mobile battery”, “external battery”, “spare battery”, “digital charging companion”, and “charging stick”. It also has a very personal name: “mobile phone lover”. “Power bank” concept has been developed along with the rapid growth and popularization of digital products, and its definition is: portable power supply which is easyContinue reading “What is Power Bank?”

How to Store 18650 Batteries Safely

In this blog post, rather than do my own testing – I will rely on the 18650 battery specification sheets provided by Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. We’ll look at the storing section of these spec sheets, and break down the important factors and what they mean. Scroll to the end, the overview, to get toContinue reading “How to Store 18650 Batteries Safely”